Will Brad Tell Lucas the Truth About Rosalie?

RosalieFriday’s episode left us hanging when we found out that the secret that Rosalie has been keeping for so long is that she is married to Brad. Not only is she married to a gay man, who is currently involved in a romantic relationship, she and her companion also have something else to hide.

In an intense few moments between, Lucas, Brad, and Rosalie, Lucas out Brad on the spot and demanded to know why he and Rosalie are married. Rosalie tried to make a save, by coming up with a bogus excuse that included making Brad’s parents happy because he couldn’t openly tell them he was gay.

A huge bombshell was dropped when Brad admitted to Lucas that he and Rosalie must stay married, not because of his parents, but because they will never have to testify against one another. But what did Rosalie and Brad do back in their younger years in college? General Hospital rumors have toyed with the story that Brad’s family is involved in the mob. Rosalie already has a shady past, which means this could go anywhere.

What type of crime do you think was committed (if any), that these two need protection from?

Brad and Rosalie’s Loveless Marriage

BradRosalieLucasAfter Friday’s episode of General Hospital, fans were left wondering, “what gives?” Since Brad is gay and currently in a relationship with Lucas, and Rosalie has been running around Port Charles trying to bed the Corinthos brothers for one reason of another, what business dealings had to take place for Rosalie and Brad to be married?

Brad said it himself, they are definitely not married for love. It’s apparent that those two don’t even see each other, let alone know where their other half is currently residing and working. From the look on Rosalie’s face when she saw Brad at GH, it’s obvious that those two had no knowledge of each other’s whereabouts.

So why are they married, we ask? Well General Hospital rumors have been circulating for quite some time, that Brad’s parents are involved in the mob… word out on the street is that Rosalie too, may have some mob connections. It wouldn’t be too far fetched because she has been already involved with so many shady dealings. From Nina to Nikolas, Rosalie has been busy at conning and lying to the people or Port Charles.

Now that we know Rosalie’s secret, how does her marriage to Brad Cooper paint a larger picture for a GH story line? Let us know your ideas and theories!

Rosalie’s Secret

The mystery of Rosalie’s big secret has been weighing on our minds for several months. Every time it seems like we were getting closer to the revelation, Rosalie would disappear from the canvas and we were left hanging time and time again. Now more than ever, General Hospital story lines seem to take an eternity to evolve and conclude. In the past year, stories have been written so that they linger on due to the fact that they are completely on hiatus and are not revisited for weeks at a time. That is absolutely what has happened with Rosalie’s secret. The writers at GH seem to be “taking turns” with the characters. Some characters will be up front and center for quite some time and then suddenly vanish from our screens. These characters are not written off the show, but rather just set aside for a later date. Most recently we have experienced this with Felicia’s election story line. It had been literally two months since this story commenced. 

This week on General Hospital, we were finally able to get closer to Rosalie’s secret. She confessed to Michael that she isn’t actually a nurse. That she and Nina have been pretending that Rosalie is certified to care for others and give them medical attention as a nurse. If that didn’t seem juicy enough, there is definitely more to the story. Although it hasn’t come out of Rosalie’s mouth directly, it is safe to assume that Rosalie has a connection to Helena. Helena mentioned that she has someone on the inside working for ELQ that was getting hired on the spot. As the scene cut over, Michael and Rosalie were in a discussion about her starting to work for him. So is this part of Rosalie’s big secret? Rosalie is working for Helena and is going to help Helena take over ELQ from the inside. What more does Helena have up her sleeve for Rosalie? 

Do you think there is more to this story? Does Rosalie’s secret go deeper than being Helena’s employee? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Michael Quartermaine?

The aftermath of the Corinthos family shake up has torn Michael away from the ones he loves. He has completely written Sonny off as his father, refuses to even call him Dad, he refers to his mother now as Carly, and his hatred fro Kiki and Morgan exude from every fiber of his being. He has already lashed out by sleeping with Rosalie, and Kiki caught them in the act. He is pushing everyone who loves him out of his life because he feels completely betrayed by their actions and lies.

As a result of this Corinthos family fall out, Michael Corinthos, the adoptive son of Michael Sonny Corinthos, is dead set on changing his name to reflect his biological roots. He now wants to legally be named Michael Quartermaine, after his biological father, AJ Quartermaine. After learning that Sonny shot AJ, and all of his family kept this secret from him, Michael wants nothing to do with his family… not even his name.

Do you think Michael will go through with it and change his name to Quartermaine? Will he regret his choice after all the smoke clears? Let us know if you think Michael should remain a Corinthos or if he is justified in changing his name to Quartermaine.

Rosalie’s Secret EXPOSED!

General Hospital fans are dying to know what is going on between Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) and Rosalie Martinez (Linda Elena Tovar). Nina is holding something HUGE over Rosalie’s head and Rosalie is jumping to her every demand just so she will keep quiet.

General Hospital rumors indicate that Rosalie’s secret will be revealed soon on GH! Are you ready for the shocking truth? What do you think Rosalie is hiding? Make your guesses in the comments below!



Rosalie’s BIG Secret!

Rosalie Martinez (Linda Elena Tovar) has been obeying her boss, Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) like a well trained show dog. Ever since the two ladies arrived in Port Charles, Nina has had quite a hold over Rosalie. No matter what the request, Rosalie ends up doing what Nina wants. It is more than just a close relationship with her caregiver, and it’s definitely more than devoted friendship. For the most part, Nina and Rosalie seem to have a mutual understanding of their dynamic together. But many times, Nina treats Rosalie like something she scraped off the bottom of her shoe.

Nina’s most recent demand is that Rosalie seduce Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) to stick it to Silas’ (Michael Easton) daughter, Kiki Jerome (Kristen Alderson). Although Rosalie has eyes for his little brother, Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), Nina pays no mind to Rosalie’s feelings. After Silas caught Nina running, he dismissed Rosalie as her nurse, stating that she no longer needs a nurse if she is up and running so well. Now that there is friction between Rosalie and Nina, Nina pulled out all her crazy to try and get through to her former nurse. Nina left multiple messages on Rosalie’s voice mail, begging for her to continue helping with her “list.” After leaving a few pleading voice mails, Nina turned on the psycho switch. In the same message that included words like please, and statements implying how dear Rosalie is to Nina, she then busted out with threats. Nina threatened to expose to Morgan all the things Rosalie has been hiding.

General Hospital rumors have indicated that Rosalie has another purpose in Port Charles, maybe even a relative; some sort of connection. What could Nina have been referring to in her threat to expose what Rosalie has been hiding?

Share your theories with us here! We would love to know what fans think Rosalie is hiding. What is Rosalie’s BIG secret?


The Secrets Kiki is Keeping Will Send the Character Into a New Direction

Kristen Alderson is among the bright young stars that grace the General Hospital audience with their presence; bringing fresh, young, exciting, and fun drama to our television. Alderson, alongside with Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos) and Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) have set the stage for their generation of Port Charles residents. Newcomer, Rosalie Martinez (Linda Elena Tovar), seems to fit right into her scenes with her peers and co-stars, Alderson, Craig, and Duell.

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Network, Kristen Alderson (Kiki Jerome) explained her thoughts on her new(er) daytime role as Kiki in comparison to her long time iconic role of Starr Manning on ABC’s One Life to Live. She describes Kiki as having a little bit of Starr mixed with new personality traits of a rougher, tougher young woman, Kiki Jerome. Kiki also has a connection with the man she once thought was her father, Franco, played by her former OLTL TV dad, Roger Howarth. The two actors have an extreme dynamic when they are in scenes together, and perhaps that is another reason why Kiki is a little bit like Starr. Alderson and Howarth still have an on screen connection even outside of OLTL. She says, “Just because they all grew up watching me as Starr, which is great; that’s what makes the characters connect to me. So if that’s the way it works, that’s the way it works. And now I feel like there’s still enough Kiki from the beginning, but there’s also a little bit of Starr. It’s a little mix, and I’m proud of Ron, that he’s been able to do that, and grateful, because that’s why the audience is still liking me.”

Kristen Alderson explains that she thinks Kiki is headed into a new direction, showing more independence from her on screen boyfriend, Michael Corinthos , who is portrayed by her real life boyfriend, Chad Duell. Kiki is keeping a few secrets regarding residents of Port Charles. Soap Opera Network reports that these secrets will take Kiki into a more centralized direction as her character may be the center of multiple story lines.


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Nina’s New Obsession

Nina (Michelle Stafford) is obsessed with seeking revenge on her husband, Silas Clay (Michael Easton). She feels completely betrayed by the man that she loves because he cheated on her with Ava Jerome (Maura West). But it goes much deeper than that now. Since Nina has woken up from her 20 year coma, she has learned that Ava and Silas had a child, and that child is Kiki Jerome (Kristen Alderson. Nina lost her baby with Silas after her own mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) drugged her and put her in a coma. Not only is Nina mourning the loss of her own child with Silas, but she recently learned that Ava is currently pregnant, and that she herself is in early menopause.

Nina will turn to her nurse, Rosalie Martinez (Linda Elena Tovar) to help her in conjuring up a new plan of vengeance. She is obsessed with Ava and her unborn child. It looks as though not only Ava, but Ava’s baby is Nina’s next target. Will Nina try to harm or steal Ava’s baby? Let us know what you think! Will Ava lose her baby to Nina Clay?

Is Rosalie Playing Her Boss, Nina?

Rosalie Martinez (Linda Elena Tovar) has become another one of General Hospital’s little mysteries. Everyone wants to know, “What is Rosalie doing in Port Charles.” Fans have been speculating that her purpose in PC goes beyond being Nina Clay’s right hand woman, punching bag, and nurse.

The first time she and Morgan encountered one another in the park is when she threw her phone and it hit Morgan in the head. She said she was talking to her Dad. Hmmm… will we ever be introduced to her dad? General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest that Rosalie has a connection to Port Charles, Sabrina being one of them. In another encounter with Morgan, Rosalie was ran into him in the halls of General Hospital. She was upset and Michael was there to listen to her vent. She mentioned that she just got her ass handed to her by her boss. Then she proceeded to say that she will be getting the last laugh.

Nina and Rosalie have an odd relationship. It’s true that there have been moments of true friendship, but at the same time, Nina treats Rosalie like a piece of gum at the bottom of her shoe. When Rosalie told Morgan that she will get the last laugh, was she referring to her boss, Nina? It’s quite possible that Rosalie is working for someone else other than Nina. Rosalie puts up with a lot of disrespect from Nina. Perhaps Rosalie is taking orders from someone else, and when the time is right, she will turn on Mrs. Clay.

What do you think? Is Rosalie the daughter of a mob boss or another dangerous, well known family? What did she mean by stating she will get the last laugh when it comes to her boss? Does Rosalie consider Silas to be her boss and she and Nina are in this together until the bitter end?