Is Sabrina Leaving Port Charles?

Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago have had a difficult relationship from the beginning. The two have been through so much together. First they had to make it around a huge obstacle we like to call The Britch. Sabrina had eyes for Patrick they day they met and Dr. Westbourne made it very difficult for Sabrina to get to him. Eventually though, she succeeded and Patrick and Sabrina fell in love. Not long after that, Patrick’s presumed dead wife Robin returned on a day no other than what was supposed to be Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding day. Shortly after Patrick chose his wife Robin, Patrick learned that Sabrina was pregnant. After being told that baby was actually Carlos’, he was then told the truth that he was indeed the Father. Patrick immediately fell in love with his unborn child. After Robin left Port Charles to go try and save Jason’s life, Patrick and Sabrina had grown closer and were making plans for the new baby. Emma was excited to get a new little brother as well. Everything was finally going smoothly until the unthinkable happened. As Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma were driving home from Emma’s recital, they were run off the road causing injury to Sabrina. She went into preterm labor at just 26 weeks. Yesterday on General Hospital, baby Gabriel passed away.

This story leads up to the rumors that have been circulating regarding the exit of Sabrina Santiago. Actress Teresa Castillo was pregnant in real life at the time these last episodes were filmed. Since then she has given birth to her own baby girl. That being said, the actress will be departing to go on maternity leave. Fans have been speculating that the story will lead to Sabrina going off to Puerto Rico to be with family in her time of grief.

Castillo will be exiting the canvas quite soon but it is unknown whether or not there will be a temporary replacement for the character or if Port Charles will be missing Sabrina for a few months.

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