Sabrina’s Baby Shocker!

CarlosbabyThursday’s episode left us at the edge of our seats as Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) repeatedly asked Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) about her baby as he delivered him/her. Thankfully, it wasn’t Friday, and we have one more chance to find out the truth before the long weekend.

Sabrina asked Carlos if her baby was a boy or a girl, and due to his lack of response and stunned stare, Sabrina asked him if something was wrong.

General Hospital fans are dying to know what exactly is going on. Could it just be that Carlos is speechless that he just became a father? Is there something terribly wrong with the baby? Or could it be that the baby came out to look just like… Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell)?

General Hospital rumors have suggested that Sabrina, Carlos, and Michael just might be in for the shock of their lives. If Carlos is hesitant to tell Sabrina about the baby, it just may be because the baby he thought would be his, the family he thought he would have with his beloved Sabrina, is in fact, no more.

We do know that Teresa has had her real life baby boy and is on maternity leave from General Hospital. Jeffrey has had an on again- off again status with the show, therefore there is no telling where this story could take both their characters. If Sabrina needs to leave the canvas for a while, it’s a possibility that Carlos will be leaving again too… and he might be caught by Anna (Finola Hughes) and Robert (Tristan Rogers).

Watch today’s episode of General Hospital to uncover the drama that revolves around Carlos and Sabrina.


GH Spoilers: Carlos Makes Sabrina an Offer, Will She Take It?

Sabrina1Sabrina has gotten herself in quite the predicament. Not only did she lie to Michael (Chad Duell) about the baby being his, but she is also hiding the fact that her ex, and the father of her baby, Carols Rivera, is actually alive.

Teresa Castillo is pregnant in real life, with the due date of her baby creeping upon us. This week on General Hospital, Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) asks Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) to leave Port Charles with him. Will she take him up on his offer? Considering the uncertainty with her relationship with Michael, Sabrina may feel that she needs a familiar face to support her through the rest of her pregnancy and birth of her and Carlos’ child.

If she goes, how long will Sabrina be out of Port Charles? Odds are that Sabrina will exit Port Chaarles as Teresa exits GH for maternity leave. Don’t worry, she won’t be gone for good, she will be back to tie up loose ends with Michael, Anna, and the others in PC.



Teresa Castillo Talks About Her Return to GH After Baby

General Hospital’s Teresa Castillo originated the role of Sabrina Santiago almost two years ago. Sabrina came to Port Charles in September of 2012 as a student in the nursing program at General Hospital. She has had a rough go at her time in PC with work, love, and life in general. Sabrina has become a very well loved character among the fan bases.

Recently Teresa Castillo departed General Hospital for her maternity leave. In a recent Soaps Opera Digest interview, Castillo talks about her return to the set of General Hospital after the birth of her first baby. Teresa’s daughter Victoria Milani was born on May 29, 2014. “I’ve really enjoyed being home with my girl and just snuggling her all day.” Castillo discloses. She is also very excited to be back at work with her GH family. “I’m excited to see what Ron (Head Writer) has planned for the next chapter in Sabrina’s journey.”

So what’s in store for Sabrina after the loss of her baby boy Gabriel? Will she and Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) rekindle their love or will Sabrina find love with Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) or someone new?

Look for Sabrina to return to Port Charles in just a few weeks. Her first air date since maternity leave is scheduled for August 21, 2014.

Teresa Castillo Tweets About Her Return to General Hospital

Teresa Castillo’s character Sabrina Santiago has had a lot of ups and downs in her seemingly short time living in Port Charles. She moved to Port Charles to begin her career in nursing as a way to follow in her Mother’s footsteps. Sabrina’s mother was also a nurse. She passed away some time ago and now that Sabrina is grown she wanted to become a nurse and take care of others just as her mother did.

Shortly after arriving in Port Charles and landing a job at GH, she set her sights on Dr. Patrick Drake. Not knowing he was the husband of the (then) late Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake, she fell deeper and deeper for Patrick as time went on. She soon found out who he actually was, but she was battling with Dr. Britt Westbourne for his affections. Soon after Sabrina won her man, Robin turned up alive and made her debut at what was suppsoed to be Sabrina and Patrick’s wedding. After Patrick ultimately chose his wife Robin over Sabrina, Sabrina learned she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby. Robin left town at the request of Victor Cassadine in an atempt to being he rbest frined Jason Morgan back to life. Jason, along with a couple Cassadines, has been cryogenically frozen and only the skills of Dr. Robin Scorpio have the chance of bringing them back. Meanwhile, back in PC, Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma were involved in a serious car accident. The accident cause Sabrina to go into preterm labor. Shortly after she delivered baby Gabriel, he passed away. Patrick and Sabrina lost their child.

This all led up to the departure of Teresa Castillo’s character. Sabrina left Port Charles with her cousin Juan Santiago (Michael Saucedo) and went back to Puerto Rico to be with the rest of her family. The actress has been on maternity leave and is due to return to the set of General Hospital in just a few short weeks. She will begin taping scenes in about two weeks. Castillo sent out a tweet last week with her announcement of returning.

When Sabrina comes back to Port Charles after grieving for her boy in Puerto Rico, she will be facing a hard truth. Patrick and Sam are debating on whether or not it would help or hurt Sabrina, knowing who caused the accident and the events that unfolded before and after. Will learning that Rafe caused the accident give Sabrina closure? Knowing Patrick was the one to operate on Rafe and the outcome that resulted may have an effect on how Sabrina heals from the situation. Let us know what you think. Should Patrick tell Sabrina everything that has happened while she was away?

We Know Who Caused the Accident!

Sam the Private Investigator and friend Patrick Drake are on the case to find the individual responsible for Sabrina and Patrick’s accident. As a result of the accident, Sabrona went into very premature labor and baby Gabriel passed away just shortly after he was born. Sabrina left Port Charles to be with her cousin Juan Santiago and family in Puerto Rico in order to deal with the grief of her loss. Patrick, a distraught Father, is sticking around PC and is determined to find the person who did this to his family.

Lately there has been a lot of speculation on who could have caused the accident. The writers have been making it look a lot like it was Rafe, and some fans thought that it was too obvious. Others suspected Nina, since she can walk and all, why not drive too? They also suspected Levi because well, no one is really sure what that creep is up to and doing in Port Charles.

But according to an article in Soap Opera Digest, it has been revealed that the person who caused the accident is in deed Rafe! The writers wanted to incorporate the story with the drug trafficing that has been going on with Fluke and the Jerome family.┬áHead Writer Ron Carlivati commented on the drug use in Port Charles, he said, “With the influx of drugs in town, we thought that someone should be doing them, and Rafe drew the short straw.”


Is Sabrina Leaving Port Charles?

Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago have had a difficult relationship from the beginning. The two have been through so much together. First they had to make it around a huge obstacle we like to call The Britch. Sabrina had eyes for Patrick they day they met and Dr. Westbourne made it very difficult for Sabrina to get to him. Eventually though, she succeeded and Patrick and Sabrina fell in love. Not long after that, Patrick’s presumed dead wife Robin returned on a day no other than what was supposed to be Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding day. Shortly after Patrick chose his wife Robin, Patrick learned that Sabrina was pregnant. After being told that baby was actually Carlos’, he was then told the truth that he was indeed the Father. Patrick immediately fell in love with his unborn child. After Robin left Port Charles to go try and save Jason’s life, Patrick and Sabrina had grown closer and were making plans for the new baby. Emma was excited to get a new little brother as well. Everything was finally going smoothly until the unthinkable happened. As Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma were driving home from Emma’s recital, they were run off the road causing injury to Sabrina. She went into preterm labor at just 26 weeks. Yesterday on General Hospital, baby Gabriel passed away.

This story leads up to the rumors that have been circulating regarding the exit of Sabrina Santiago. Actress Teresa Castillo was pregnant in real life at the time these last episodes were filmed. Since then she has given birth to her own baby girl. That being said, the actress will be departing to go on maternity leave. Fans have been speculating that the story will lead to Sabrina going off to Puerto Rico to be with family in her time of grief.

Castillo will be exiting the canvas quite soon but it is unknown whether or not there will be a temporary replacement for the character or if Port Charles will be missing Sabrina for a few months.