Sabrina is Out for Revenge!

Sabrina Santiago is back in Port Charles as of last week. She just returned from Puerto Rico, where she spent time with her family in hopes that being with family would help her through the grieving process after losing her baby son, Gabriel. Since she has been back, she has already had to deal with facing this tragic event all over again. Patrick let Sabrina in on what went on while she was away. He informed her that Rafe Kovich, Sam’s foster son, was the one behind the wheel of the car that drove them off the road. In this short time, she also learned that Rafe has since passed away, and that Rafe supposedly was put up to the task, meaning someone deliberately wanted to hurt Patrick, Sabrina, and their family.

Nurse Santiago has always been the sweet as pie, doesn’t step on anyone’s toes type of girl. She has been completely selfless and generous when it comes to love, she was able to walk away with her head held high when Patrick chose Robin when Robin returned on their wedding day. She has always handled heartbreak with grace and dignity. But how much can one person take before they snap? Sabrina showed signs of vulnerability after she lost baby Gabriel. She went into sort of a denial/delusional state after he passed away, thinking that the day of the funeral was actually her wedding day to Patrick. Thankfully she has an amazing support system in Felix DuBois, Patrick Drake, Elizabeth Webber, Epiphany Johnson, and even Carlos Rivera.

Sabrina wants answers to who would do this to her Patrick, and wants revenge against the person who is responsible for her baby’s death. In the upcoming weeks, Sabrina learns more information that involves who is responsible for the accident. She is determined to not only get clearer answers, but she is seeking revenge on the person(s) who set this all in motion. While Sabrina is out trying to get her revenge, will she ruffle more feathers and put herself and loved ones in more danger? Will her involvement in trying to figure this out drive her past the brink?