When Sam Finds Out What Liz Has Done…

LamhugLiz doesn’t deserve the kindness that Sam has bestowed upon her. Selflessly, Sam has shown nothing but warmth and genuine support for Elizabeth, all while Liz is lying through her teeth to Sam’s face. These two have been through a lot together and they truly have never been each other’s biggest fan. Still, they are cordial, and Sam has gone above and beyond to be nice to Elizabeth.

Apparently this moment with Sam in the chapel wasn’t enough for Elizabeth to feel any sort of empathy for Sam, and surely wasn’t enough for Liz to come clean. Although Sam has put their differences aside to offer Elizabeth some advice, Liz still will only think of herself and her own happiness.

It’s safe to say that many hearts went out to Sam during this scene where she told Elizabeth (in regard to marrying Jake), to do whatever will make her happy. Elizabeth has definitely succeeded in pulling the wool over Sam’s eyes, leaving her in that dark about Jason. Elizabeth had the nerve to look to Sam for advice on marrying the man she knows belongs to Sam. Soon, Liz’s world will come to a screeching halt.

What is Sam going to do when she finds out Elizabeth has been hoarding her husband for herself this entire time? Today Liz and Sam hug, in the near future, these two ladies will be exchanging something that is a far cry from an embrace.

Tell us what you want to happen with Elizabeth and Sam.

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