Sam Moves Out of the Penthouse!

Yet another setback for JaSam fans. This saddens me that after learning that Jason may not be able to deal with loving Franco’s baby, Sam is devastated and makes the decision to move out of the penthouse. Jason is not my favorite person right now but that doesn’t mean I wish them apart. I think he is being completely selfish and jealous. Jason needs to get his head out of the sand and realize that his wife is going through so much pain as she was the victim of rape! (At least at this point anyways, hopefully that changes). Fear not though fellow JaSam lovers, I have faith that this is yet just another obstacle that this strong couple with be able to get through. We all know what Franco was/is capable of and this is just more of his wrath. Eventually, it will all have to end after this whirlwind of unhappiness for the newlyweds. Word out on the street is that Sam will have a new neighbor and I am guessing it will be none other than John McBain. Inserting his way into Sam and Jason’s life, this will be yet an addition to the hoops Jason and Sam have to jump through before they can be happy together again. If the rumors turn out to be true that Sam and McBain are brother and sister, Jason can’t find out soon enough. I want him to stop being jealous of McBain as a romantic threat to his relationship with Sam. Jason and Sam have been through hell and back together and there is no reason JaSam fans should believe otherwise this time around. No matter how I wish the writing for these two could have been different, I know that it is what it is and I am still holding out for the best outcome for Jason, Sam, and their baby. Just once couldn’t a soap opera couple get married and have a baby happily? Without paternity chaos, temptations, lies, illness? It would have been nice to see the lighter side of Jason and Sam since it has been so long. She is pregnant for crying out loud, the girl should be having food cravings and stressing about names. They could have played on their love for Chinese take out and tie in how happy they were at their wedding.