Spencer Love: Will Carly and Luke Ever Really Get Along?

These two have a lot of chemistry, not romantically, but on screen they have a certain dynamic that draws you in. I think it’s the fact they they are Spencers and both as actors and characters they know how to own it. Luke and Carly are always using each other for favors and constantly owing something to one another. They fight, they take each other for granted, but I have a feeling they actually do care about each other. On Monday’s episode a could see a little bit of how Luke really does care for his niece. He was so concerned about her falling in love with Johnny. Aww Uncle Luke cares! I love the way these two characters are written and I think Laura Wright and Anthony Geary do a fantastic job in displaying their relationship with each other. In the middle of all the using, bickering, and Spencer-like scheming, I would like to see Carly and Luke go through something together and help each other out just one time. If they could have a story line that really brings out the Spencer family values with these two unlikely true companions, I think it would be really enjoyable for the audience. If tragedy strikes, I want to know that Carly and Luke can pull each other through because they are family.