Stavros Cassadine is Back to Torture the Spencer Family

This week’s SHOCKING return, the return of the evil Helena Cassadine’s presumed dead son, Stavros. Stavros, Nikolas Cassadine’s Father, was “killed” by Luke Spencer back in 2001. For 10 years, the residents of Port Charles breathed a bit easier knowing that the lethal man was gone from the Earth only leaving his Mother Helena to reek havoc on the Spencer family. But ten years later, Luke and Laura received the shock of their lives.

Since the return of Stavros this week, we have learned that Helena was keeping him alive all these years. Helena, Grandmother of Nikolas was keeping Stavros a secret in order to nurse him back to health and become stronger than ever. She succeeded and when he became well, he was fixated on a woman he saw in Istanbul. He had believed that woman to be his former love/infatuation Laura, but in actuality it was Lulu. he wants her all to himself and will stop at nothing to get her. He is the one who sent her the Ice Princess. When Nikolas found out about this, he had every intention of coming back to Port Charles to warn Lulu about this. Nikolas was too late, Lulu was already missing, and Stavros had Nikolas shot.

Dante saw Lulu through a window of a door in the Cassadine chamber lying there. Will Dante be able to get to her before it’s too late?