Steve Burton Fan Page Asks a Burning Question

General Hospital’s ex-Jason Morgan, and Y&R’s current Dylan McAvoy, Steve Burton has an extremely large fan base. Fans turned to Facebook to ask a very controversial question. The controversy that has become of the Steve Burton, Billy Miller, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless saga has been like none other in soap opera history. Fans across the board and with opposite opinions have been taking part in this real life soap opera drama.

With the news of Billy Miller debuting as Jason Morgan, TODAY on General Hospital, fans are all hyped up on this topic. Steve Burton’s fan facebook page (over 25,000 LIKES including Michael Fairman), wants to know something very important… “Who is better: Dylan McAvoy or Jason Morgan?”

If you visit Steve Burton’s fan Facebook page, you will see the question posted there. There you will also the the overwhelming response all pointing to Jason Morgan. Will this consensus influence Steve’s career decision in the future? When his AND Billy’s contracts are up with their current shows and networks, will Steve decide to take fan’s advice and once again become Daytime’s most popular man as of late?