General Hospital Spoilers: Fusion and Deception- The Merger You Never Saw Coming, Erica Kane Saves Deception?

Erica Kane buys Deception from Lucy in a merger with Fusion Susan Lucci AMC General Hospital

Erica Kane buys Deception?!

…Thanks to Tracy, Lucy and Maxie found themselves racking their brains over who is behind this bogus lawsuit. Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is beside herself with Deception’s current state of affairs. Shockingly, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) revealed herself as the Plaintiff in the case against Lucy Coe and her company, Deception.

Reveal the Snake

Tracy Quartermaine sues Deception

Over at the courthouse, Lucy, Maxie, and even Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) stand by in disbelief while Tracy remains irritatingly confident. Poor Brook Lynn feels the weight of the guilt on her shoulders after Tracy blackmailed her into stealing evidence. As a result, everything Lucy has worked for could be gone. Not to mention, Maxie may not be CEO, but she has executive status. Therefore, the fate of this company will greatly impact its employees if it indeed goes bankrupt.

Erica Kane Saves Deception With Fusion-Deception Merger

The judge ruled that it’ll be 6 months before they even go to trial. In that time, Lucy fears she’ll lose her previous company. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Deception’s fate is out of Lucy’s hands. According to GH rumors, Pine Valley entrepreneur and founder of Enchantment follows Jackson (Walt Willey) to Port Charles. Both having Boss Babe experience in the Erica and Lucy have a lot in common, as well as a lot to offer each other in the business world.

Erica’s past experiences with Enchantment spark an idea to save Deception. Back in the day, Erica’s company merged with her daughter Kendall’s start up, Fusion. In Lucy’s darkest hours, will she agree to a buyout? GH rumors hint that Erica Kane buys Deception in a merger with Fusion.

General Hospital Spoilers: Erica Kane Follows Jack To Port Charles

Erica Kane follows Jack to Port Charles Susan Lucci Walt Willey

Erica Kane follows Jack to Port Charles!

…Port Charles is becoming quite the melting pot. People (characters) from all over fictional soap opera cities seem to make their way to GH’s place to be. Unlike Nixon Falls and Beecher’s Corners, Llanview and Pine Valley are two cities from ABC’s two cancelled dramas, AMC and OLTL.

Previously, GH Blog shared the latest on who is in and who is out. According to recent General Hospital spoilers, Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey) hasn’t seen the last of Port Charles. Apparently, Jackson and Martin Gray have a past, and Martin doesn’t seem too fond of the Pine Valley Attorne. He has unfinished business in the city, mostly likely involving Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Deception.

Since Walt Willey joined General Hospital as the unforgettable Attorney Jackson Montgomery, GH casting news confirmed another addition to the cast. While Pine Valley is Jack’s hometown, the next daytime star to join GH is from Llanview. It’s confirmed that DePaiva will be reprising her from ABC’s cancelled One Life To Live. Reportedly, Kassie DePaiva takes Blair Cramer to Port Charles.

According to GH rumors, it’s possible that DePaiva brings Blair to Port Charles as Martin Gray’s ex-wife. However, that’s not the only recent rumor regarding the new/familiar faces coming from other places. That being said, Walt’s GH stint stirred up old AMC vibes. But, it’s impossible to think of Walt Willey and Jackson Montgomery and not think of the iconic Susan Lucci as Erica Kane. Many believe that Erica Kane follows Jack to Port Charles! What will she possible have to do there??

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kassie DePaiva Returns To GH!

Kassie DePaiva returns to GH

Port Charles feels like a revolving door as of late. Kassie DePaiva returns to GH! Familiar faces are all around if you’re familiar with Llanview and Pine Valley. All My Children and One Life To Live made up 2/3 of three iconic pieces of American history. Although AMC and OLTL may have ended their run over a decade ago, the shows live on as characters resurface in Port Charles.

Over the years, AMC and OLTL’s characters and their portrayers became like household names to so many Americans. So when the two daytime dramas ended their run in 2011 and 2012, a great loss was felt all over the country and beyond. Meanwhile, other shows in various genres tried and failed to successfully fill those time slots. Sadly, nothing every stuck and we soap fans are still missing our favorites. Thankfully, Port Charles seems like it has an unlimited population limit. ????

General Hospital news reports confirm that OLTL actress Kassie DePaiva returns to GH as the iconic Blair Cramer! While her purpose in PC has yet to be determined, GH rumors hint toward the lady from Llanview and the man from Pine Valley stick around the same crowd. According to GH spoilers, Blaire arrives in PC in September.

Soap Opera News: AMC Star Walt Willey Recovering From Recent Surgery

The soap opera community is one that expands through the networks, including all daytime dramas. The cast and crew of various soaps seem to be like one hug family. That is why we feel it’s important to share news about fellow daytime star, Walt Willey.

Soap Opera news reports reveal All My Children alum, Walt Willey (AMC, Jack Montgomery) took to Twitter to announce he was about to undergone surgery (April 12th). I’m his post he shared the surgery would be the following day, and ask fans to “have it in their hearts say a prayer, think a good thought, light a candle, or however you wish to send good vibes my way (no animal sacrifices, please!) as I meet this challenge. Thanks so much.”

Fast forward a few days later and GH Blog has updated news on Willey’s recovery after surgery. On April 19th, Walt returned to Twitter to announce, “I’m ba-a-a-a-aack!” Walt shared an update with fans and his gratitude for their support. His surgery was a success and he was released on Easter Sunday. Walt is at home and recovering comfortably.

We are so relieved to learn and report the good news of Walt Willey’s recent surgery. We pray he continues to heal.

Soap Opera News: Breaking! “All My Children” Prime Time Revival

For decades, ABC Network was the home for three major Soap Operas that became household names in America. Now, ABC is down to one daytime drama, General Hospital. On September 2nd, 2013, ABC’s All My Children came to an end after One Life To Live left the air on January 13th, 2012.

Major news has just been announced regarding the revival of the iconic Daytime Drama, All My Children. Soap opera news reports a new development in the works that will have General Hospital, All My Children, and One Life To Live fans rejoicing. The soap opera genre has been surviving off of one lasting show, as GH is in its 57th on air.

All My Children’s Kelly Ripa and husband, Mark Consuelos are developing a prime time version of the drama and will be titled after the infamous town, “Pine Valley.” Celebrity news reports this show is in the early stages of development.

After winning back the rights to the characters names from Prospect Studios, ABC now owns the rights to both AMC as well as OLTL. Rumors of their revival have bounced around throughout the last 7 years, and some projects were developed for web series audience, however, nothing really took off.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos head up production for this new prime time project, but there is no word on whether or not they will appear as actors in the new series. In the 1990s, Ripa and Consuelos had large roles on AMC as Hayley Vaughan and Mateo Santos.

This is extremely exciting news for AMC and soap opera fans in general. When AMC and OLTL came to an end, many fans had a difficult time adjusting to life without this staple as part of their day. Now we have the chance to experience all the drama and excitement again!

Are you happy to hear this breaking news surrounding the soap genre?

Laura Wright on ABC’s The Chew: Don’t Hate!

General Hospital’s Carly Corinthos Jacks (Laura Wright) will be joining the cast of The Chew today, May 31st at 1PM Eastern/Standard time. Strong opinions against this have been circulating the soap fan world, as they are not happy with Laura’s decision. As we all know, The Chew is the replacement show for our beloved soap All My Children. I have not ever watched The Chew or The Revolution. However, I will watch The Chew today solely to support GH star, Laura Wright. I don’t think Laura is doing a bad thing here. The damage has already been done, our soaps have already been canceled. Laura is supporting her network, ABC,  and her winery, Standing Sun Wines. The way I see it, having Ms. Wright on The Chew can only do good things for General Hospital. I think ABC actually made a smart move by having someone from General Hospital on The Chew. Who knows, it may even draw more people to General Hospital. As for the possibility of upping the ratings for The Chew because of Laura, it will work for today, but I highly doubt it will cause wild popularity for the show in the long run. And I am good with that. I will be watching today, and any other day that The Chew will honor our soap GH by having one of the stars as a guest and promoting General Hospital. Will I watch The Chew any other time? Heck no. Simply because I don’t even watch those types of shows. Please stop hating on Laura Wright for her decision to support her network, promote GH, and have some fun!