General Hospital Spoilers: Erica Kane Follows Jack To Port Charles

Erica Kane follows Jack to Port Charles Susan Lucci Walt Willey

Erica Kane follows Jack to Port Charles!

…Port Charles is becoming quite the melting pot. People (characters) from all over fictional soap opera cities seem to make their way to GH’s place to be. Unlike Nixon Falls and Beecher’s Corners, Llanview and Pine Valley are two cities from ABC’s two cancelled dramas, AMC and OLTL.

Previously, GH Blog shared the latest on who is in and who is out. According to recent General Hospital spoilers, Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey) hasn’t seen the last of Port Charles. Apparently, Jackson and Martin Gray have a past, and Martin doesn’t seem too fond of the Pine Valley Attorne. He has unfinished business in the city, mostly likely involving Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Deception.

Since Walt Willey joined General Hospital as the unforgettable Attorney Jackson Montgomery, GH casting news confirmed another addition to the cast. While Pine Valley is Jack’s hometown, the next daytime star to join GH is from Llanview. It’s confirmed that DePaiva will be reprising her from ABC’s cancelled One Life To Live. Reportedly, Kassie DePaiva takes Blair Cramer to Port Charles.

According to GH rumors, it’s possible that DePaiva brings Blair to Port Charles as Martin Gray’s ex-wife. However, that’s not the only recent rumor regarding the new/familiar faces coming from other places. That being said, Walt’s GH stint stirred up old AMC vibes. But, it’s impossible to think of Walt Willey and Jackson Montgomery and not think of the iconic Susan Lucci as Erica Kane. Many believe that Erica Kane follows Jack to Port Charles! What will she possible have to do there??