General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Fears Esme’s Memory Returning, Will Esme Remember Calling Her Baby, “Ace”?

Esme remembers baby Ace

Baby Ace triggers Esme. …Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) gave birth to a baby boy. Young woman’s super sudsy soap opera birth is unconventional yet typical. Accordingly, Esme’s, her baby, and all who surround them lead the next front running storyline.

General Hospital recaps recall Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) role in Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) devious game. As history tells it, the people of Port Charles recognize Elizabeth and Nikolas’s friendship for representing loyalty and strength. Always coming to each other’s rescue, Liz and Nik knew they could always depend on one another. And due to Elizabeth’s unwavering loyalty to Nikolas, she was roped in to help him keep Esmé captive. During that time, Nurse Webber tended to Esme’s prenatal needs.

Although the situation wasn’t exactly optimal, the prenatal care that Esme received from Elizabeth was genuine. After a few surprisingly effective discussions with her Nurse, Esme displayed a real bond with her unborn baby boy. As a result, the captured accused (of the hook killings) started calling the baby, “Ace.”

According to General Hospital spoilers, insight from a recent interview reveals that soon, all is forgiven for the boarding school seductress. Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson’s interview with Avery Pohl’s alluded to her character’s rebirth. It seems Esme’s amnesia is real by the way she so naturally reacts to Heather and Ryan’s lunacy. That being said, she remembers nothing about her past; now even her pregnancy as a prisoner in Wyndemere. However, recent General Hospital rumors speculate that perhaps baby Ace triggers his mom, sparking her memory. Perhaps she’ll instinctually call him, “Ace,” simply by admiring her newborn. unfortunately for Liz, if Esmé remembers calling her child ace, she just might remember everything.

General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Advice To Avery Pohl, Bradford’s Million Dollar Esme Question- Avery Spills The Tea!!

That’s Awesome Steve Burton Bradford Anderson Avery Pohl Esme

Esme’s road to redemption! Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) is an American boarding school student with a foggy upbringing and undesirable genetics. She arrived in Port Charles as Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) girlfriend with a sinister agenda.

General Hospital news reports reveal that there is much more for Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) in Port Charles. The character made a name for herself as Spencer’s troubled boarding school girlfriend. With an agenda of her own, Esme planted herself just right for her secret mission. Although Spencer is aware he wasn’t dating America’s Sweetheart, he remains oblivious to the depth of her psychotic bloodline. After a year and a half of unforgivable behavior, is Esme headed for redemption?

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Avery Pohl sat down with General Hospital stars Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) for an interview on their podcast, That’s Awesome! In her interview with GH co-stars Bradford and Steve, Avery spills some tea about Esme.

A Road to Redemption for Esme?!

General Hospital spoilers reveal Avery’s answer to Bradford’s million dollar question sheds light on what’s to come for Esme. As the three stars discuss her role, Bradford asks about Esme’s amnesia storyline. At first, Esme’s acquaintances and GH fans alike assumed the young pregnant woman was faking. Then, as the story unfolded, it became clearer that Esme is an amnesiac. Now, fans want to know if amnesia is Esme’s road to redemption.

Bradford asked Avery if this storyline is potentially a blank slate/ rewrite for Esme. Pohl confessed, “I, I think that that is where this is heading but I don’t have concrete yes/nos on that.”

In another segment of Avery’s interview, GH’s ex- Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) offered some advice and words of encouragement. His history in daytime qualifies his advice to the young star, which was well received.

Listen on Spotify! For the full interview and details on whats to come, check out That’s Awesome!

General Hospital Spoilers: Redeemed and Off The “Hook”- Esme Saves Josslyn?!

Esme saves Josslyn from the hook killer

Esme saves Josslyn from hook killer?! Esme’s plan to escape captivity from Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) was her only shot at freedom. Starting a fire is a huge she was willing to take in these desperate times. Things didn’t go exactly as she planned, but, she was gutsy enough to take another major risk.

General Hospital recaps recall Esme’s shocking free fall. She found herself in a place of uneasy familiarity in her efforts to outrun the fire. Suddenly, she was right back where Ava Jerome (Maura West) last saw her. Nikolas was close behind after putting out the fire.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Esme’s instincts told her to take the plunge off the parapet, even though her circumstances are different from the last time. This time, Esme consciously throws herself over the ledge. Her options were limited as she either succumbs to Nikolas’s pleas; or risks killings herself and the baby inside her. She reacted the best way she saw fit in her desponding moments.

General Hospital spoilers tease a wave of bewilderment swoops over Nikolas when he gets word that Esme has nine lives. Esme is many things; a fighter being one of them. While GH rumors hint that what she isn’t is the hook killer. Some GH rumors were driven from fan speculation about what happens when she gets out of the water. Will her baby survive?

Esme’s off the hook after she saves Josslyn?!

General Hospital previews spark the latest GH rumors and wild speculation surrounding Josslyn Jack’s (Eden McCoy) fate. The hook wants to finish what (s)he started. In their first attempt to victimize Joss the hook killer took out an unintended target. You know what they say, Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Brando lost his life because he saw too much. Nevertheless, the killer plans to fulfill their goal. Josslyn comes face to mask with the hook killer. She needs her survival skill instincts now more than ever. But, will that be enough?

Redeemed and Off the Hook

Josslyn and Esme are more alike than they want to believe. Both are fighters, and their will to survive kicks in whenever danger is imminent. Like Joss, Esme is also facing a life or death situation. General Hospital rumors suggest Esme survives the plunge of the parapet and manages to emerge from the Winter cold waters.

Here’s where things get interesting. GH rumors tease Josslyn escapes death by the hook killer for a second time and she has Esme to thank for that. It’s possible that when the hook is ready to sink its barbed curve into Joss, Esme miraculously swims to the pier. GH spoilers and rumors claim Esme saves Josslyn when she arrives in the nick of time. Now that Joss sees first hand that Esme and the hook killer are present at the same time, it’s apparent they pegged the wrong girl. Esme is off the hook as the prime suspect in the recent hook killings. It can’t possibly be her if Josslyn lives to tell how she was approached by the killer when a pregnant Esme made it to the pier.