General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Fears Esme’s Memory Returning, Will Esme Remember Calling Her Baby, “Ace”?

Esme remembers baby Ace

Baby Ace triggers Esme. …Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) gave birth to a baby boy. Young woman’s super sudsy soap opera birth is unconventional yet typical. Accordingly, Esme’s, her baby, and all who surround them lead the next front running storyline.

General Hospital recaps recall Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) role in Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) devious game. As history tells it, the people of Port Charles recognize Elizabeth and Nikolas’s friendship for representing loyalty and strength. Always coming to each other’s rescue, Liz and Nik knew they could always depend on one another. And due to Elizabeth’s unwavering loyalty to Nikolas, she was roped in to help him keep Esmé captive. During that time, Nurse Webber tended to Esme’s prenatal needs.

Although the situation wasn’t exactly optimal, the prenatal care that Esme received from Elizabeth was genuine. After a few surprisingly effective discussions with her Nurse, Esme displayed a real bond with her unborn baby boy. As a result, the captured accused (of the hook killings) started calling the baby, “Ace.”

According to General Hospital spoilers, insight from a recent interview reveals that soon, all is forgiven for the boarding school seductress. Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson’s interview with Avery Pohl’s alluded to her character’s rebirth. It seems Esme’s amnesia is real by the way she so naturally reacts to Heather and Ryan’s lunacy. That being said, she remembers nothing about her past; now even her pregnancy as a prisoner in Wyndemere. However, recent General Hospital rumors speculate that perhaps baby Ace triggers his mom, sparking her memory. Perhaps she’ll instinctually call him, “Ace,” simply by admiring her newborn. unfortunately for Liz, if Esmé remembers calling her child ace, she just might remember everything.