General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Advice To Avery Pohl, Bradford’s Million Dollar Esme Question- Avery Spills The Tea!!

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Esme’s road to redemption! Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) is an American boarding school student with a foggy upbringing and undesirable genetics. She arrived in Port Charles as Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) girlfriend with a sinister agenda.

General Hospital news reports reveal that there is much more for Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) in Port Charles. The character made a name for herself as Spencer’s troubled boarding school girlfriend. With an agenda of her own, Esme planted herself just right for her secret mission. Although Spencer is aware he wasn’t dating America’s Sweetheart, he remains oblivious to the depth of her psychotic bloodline. After a year and a half of unforgivable behavior, is Esme headed for redemption?

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Avery Pohl sat down with General Hospital stars Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) for an interview on their podcast, That’s Awesome! In her interview with GH co-stars Bradford and Steve, Avery spills some tea about Esme.

A Road to Redemption for Esme?!

General Hospital spoilers reveal Avery’s answer to Bradford’s million dollar question sheds light on what’s to come for Esme. As the three stars discuss her role, Bradford asks about Esme’s amnesia storyline. At first, Esme’s acquaintances and GH fans alike assumed the young pregnant woman was faking. Then, as the story unfolded, it became clearer that Esme is an amnesiac. Now, fans want to know if amnesia is Esme’s road to redemption.

Bradford asked Avery if this storyline is potentially a blank slate/ rewrite for Esme. Pohl confessed, “I, I think that that is where this is heading but I don’t have concrete yes/nos on that.”

In another segment of Avery’s interview, GH’s ex- Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) offered some advice and words of encouragement. His history in daytime qualifies his advice to the young star, which was well received.

Listen on Spotify! For the full interview and details on whats to come, check out That’s Awesome!