General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s ‘Nikolas Cassadine’ OUT?! Marcus Coloma Shocks Fans With Recent News- Removes ‘General Hospital’ From IG Bio

Nicholas Chavez unfollows General Hospital
Marcus Coloma Leaving General Hospital

Is Marcus Coloma leaving GH? The role of Nikolas Cassadine remains an ever-popular character. As the main focus of an iconic family in Port Charles, there’s always drama surrounding Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma).

General Hospital news and spoilers confirm the role of Nikolas Cassadine was originated by Emmy winner Tyler Christopher in 1996. Christopher gave Nikolas Cassadine his iconic “dark Prince” personal, leaving big shoes to fill upon his exit from General Hospital. He left the daytime drama in 1999 and the role was recast with Coltin Scott until 2003. Later that year, Tyler Christopher pleasantly surprised fans when he made his return debut in April of 2003. His second run as Nikolas Cassadine outran his first, lasting from 2003-2011. Tyler was let go from the role but then later reprised the iconic character for General Hospital’s fiftieth anniversary in 2013. He remained in the role until 2016 when Nikolas faked his own death.

Is Marcus Coloma leaving GH?

Fast forward about three years and General Hospital fans were shocked to learn Nikolas wasn’t really dead. Nikolas returned in 2019 however, fans were presented with a recast for the well-known role.  

Marcus Coloma took over as Nikolas Cassadine and was immediately faced with challenging storylines. He had big shoes to fill after Tyler Christopher’s portrayal set the stage for the character’s iconic personality. Previously, General Hospital Blog reported Coloma disclosed his fear that he’d be killed off while struggling to get the right feel for the role. You can learn more about Marcus Coloma’s first experiences while filming as Nikolas in previous GH news reports HERE.

Recent General Hospital news reports reveal shocking news regarding Marcus Coloma’s connection to ABC’s General Hospital. Social media has made it possible for the actors to engage with fans, discussing everything from their personal lives to the exciting storylines, and everything in between. Marcus Coloma recently shocked fans when changes made to his Instagram and Twitter accounts caught their attention. The daytime tv star has removed ‘General Hospital’ from his IG bio and has unfollowed everyone.

We are unsure what to make of these sudden changes on Marcus Coloma’s social media accounts. Unfortunately, no official information regarding Coloma’s status with GH have either confirmed or denied news of his GH exit. GH Blog is dedicated to providing fans with the most up to date and accurate information regarding GH related NEWS. Please keep checking back on our website for updates regarding Marcus Coloma’s status as Nikolas Cassadine.