General Hospital Spoilers: Dr. Montague DEAD- Who’s Responsible For Making Port Charles A Better Place?

Dr. Montague DEAD GH
Dr. Montague DEAD GH

Poor Sasha! She’s been through the wringer and now it’s time for closure. Thanks to Cody (Josh Kelly), Sam (Kelly Monaco, Dante (Dominic Zampronga), and even Mac (John J. York) and Chase (Josh Swickard) over at the PCPD, Sasha is safe.

Dr. Montague Sasha Gilmore

Gladys Corbin and Dr. Montague did a number in Sasha, and now they pay the prices. GH recaps recall that Sonny sent Gladys packing, never to return again. But what about the good doctor? Montague drugged and tortured Sasha, accepted money for criminal behavior, and even blackmailed his partner in crime.

Dr. Montague DEAD GH

GH spoilers reveal Dr. Montague gets what’s coming to him. Actor Darin Toonder confirmed his GH exit in a social media post. So now fans can’t help but wonder, how Dr. Montague goes out.

Please vote below! Who kills Dr. Montague?

Dr. Montague DEAD GH

Who Kills Dr. Montague?

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GH News and Spoilers: The Results Are In! General Hospital Blog’s 8/18/23 Performer Of The Week

GH Blog POTW Results GH Performer of the Week Sofia Mattsson

GH Blog POTW Results! Thank you all for voting! You shared your thoughts on which General Hospital star knocked or out of the park for you this week.

The competition was tough, and choices boiled down to three prominent actors who have really been giving it their all! Now, we are ecstatic to report General Hospital Blog’s very first Performer Of The Week.

The Results Are In! Here’s Who GH Fans Chose As GH Blog’s POTW! Congratulations to Sofia Mattsson for her incredible performance as Sasha!

Sasha Gilmore Sofia Mattsson GH General Hospital
GH Blog’s Performer of the Week Sofia Mattsson

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Exclusive! Will GH Fans Get To See More Of N’neka? Actress Arlondriah Lenyéa Fills Us In

Arlondriah Lenyéa returns as N’neka! Port Charles has had some iconic hangout hotspots throughout the years. From diners to small town bars and night clubs, Port Charles residents have their favorite places to kick back. Currently, the place to be is owned by former P.I., Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner). He opened The Savoy after deciding to take his career in a new direction.

GH News and Spoilers: So far business is booming at Curtis’s club. Everyone who is anyone knows that The Savoy is the hottest spot in PC. In fact, its sleek vibe drew in the attention of mob boss, Selina Wu (Lydia Look). And now Selina and Curtis run an illegal gambling operation through the nightclub. Regardless of what Curtis allows behind the scenes, people love to hang out at The Savoy.

General Hospital Blog’s Exclusive Spoilers: Arlondriah Lenyéa Returns As N’neka

A good reason for the club’s success has much to do with its most recognizable staff member. The Savoy’s bartender, N’neka is on her A-game as a kick ass bartender. She keeps the drinks flowing and the customer coming back for more. As it turns out, Lenyéa and her character N’neka are also coming back for more.

General Hospital Blog’s Inside Scoop- N’neka’s Promoted To Manager

Will N’neka have a bigger role in handling Curtis’s business relations?! GH spoilers reveal that actress and runway model, Arlondriah Lenyéa is set to return this month. In addition, General Hospital Blog’s Exclusive GH news and spoilers confirm the dates of her return.

General Hospital Blog’s latest casting news confirm that GH fans can look out for N’neka as Lenyéa makes her next appearances the week of June 19th. Now that she’s been promoted to Manager at The Savoy, Curtis is sure to have responsibilities waiting. Furthermore, GH rumors hint that Curtis might want N’neka to become more involved in business operations. As a result of N’neka’s promotion, GH fans wonder if Curtis trusts her enough to let her on on Selina’s illegal betting operations. Or maybe she already knows?

General Hospital Spoilers: Lines Have Been Crossed! Team Portia Or Team Jordan? Which Of These Two Ladies Belong With Curtis? Take The Poll!

Team Portia or Team Jordan

Are you Team Portia or Team Jordan? Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) finds himself in the thick of a fresh love triangle. Although Curtis, Jordan, and Portia were always intertwined, two of the three almost crossed the line.

In the wake of Curtis and Portia Robinson’s (Brook Kerr) wedding nightmare, Curtis struggles with the past and present. As General Hospital recaps recall, his marriage to Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) ended over secrets and lies. Curtis blamed Jordan for upholding her obligation to her career.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Curtis reflects on his marriage with Jordan. Perhaps he pointed his finger when he had unfair expectations. Just because they were married doesn’t mean Curtis was automatically privy to confidential police information. GH spoilers and rumors suggest that Curtis realizes that now.

Up until Portia’s lies we’re exposed, Curtis still raked Jordan over the coals every time something went wrong in HIS life. In fact, he even tried to blame her in part for the situation Portia created. However, that’s all about to change. After a few drinks and an honest conversation, Jordan and Curtis seem more connected than ever before.

Now, Curtis has a lot to think about. Did he unfairly cast Jordan aside? How could he forgive Portia and move forward while turning his back on Jordan for much less? General Hospital rumors hint that Portia’s worst fears come true. Her greatest fear is to lose Curtis, and with Jordan in the equation, Portia might not stand a chance.

Take the GH Poll! Are you Team Portia or Team Jordan?

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General Hospital News And Spoilers: Marcus Coloma’s GH Exit Comes Shortly After Fans Vote In Tyler Christopher’s Favor

Is Tyler Christopher returning to GH

What happens to Nikolas Cassadine? Will Tyler Christopher return to GH? Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) future is in question after social media activity sparked unexpected General Hospital rumors.

A few instances that have occurred earlier this Fall have ultimately lead to the latest breaking news. General Hospital comings and goings reports confirm recent GH rumors regarding Marcus Coloma’s status with the soap opera are true.

First, fans responded to news involving former GH star Tyler Christopher. In mid November, he took to social media to address his willingness and capability to return to daytime. Upon Marcus Coloma’s recent but brief absences, Tyler offered to take over as Nikolas, General Hospital Blog shared the news, asking fans if they’d want to see Christopher back into that role.

Will Tyler Christopher return to GH?

Next, a group of about 900 (and counting) GH fans responded to a GH poll shared by General Hospital Blog. Fans were asked if they want to see Tyler Christopher return to General Hospital as Nikolas Cassadine. Current results reveal 78% of fans voted YES to Christopher’s return.

GH poll Nikolas Cassadine Marcus Coloma Tyler Christopher

Finally, eagle eyes fans noticed peculiar activity from Marcus Coloma’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. As a result, GH Coloma’s status with the almost 60 year old daytime drama became a concern. GH Blog shared the facts that lead to the the predicted outcome. GH news reports now confirm Marcus Coloma’s upcoming GH exit.

Tyler Christopher has already given the green light to ABC if ever a recast was needed for Nikolas Cassadine. Coincidentally, news of Coloma’s exit came just over a month after Tyler addressed a potential return. Will we see Tyler Christopher reprise his iconic role?

General Hospital Spoilers: “BRING IT ON!” Carly Gives Nina An Open Invitation

Carly and Nina Bring it on

Nina is her name and meddling is her game! Carly and Nina get into it over Nina’s meddling ways.

Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) has stepped on a few too many toes recently. Snooping around and making accusations about things she knows nothing about has become part of Nina’s daily routine. She practically mad a career out of sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and causing problems between happy people.

General Hospital recaps recall Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) were the subjects of her last meddling mission which failed miserably. Nina even involved Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his son Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) before being certain of her claims. That situation backfired on Nina once Michael confronted Willow. If Nina only knew what Willow was really going through… maybe she’d show some human decency and back off.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Nina’s recent stint with Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), Brick (Stephen A. Smith), and Sonny is about to blow up in her face. Carly caught wind from Sonny that Nina was the one who out the idea in his head that she and Brick were seeing each other. Carly had to disclose her secret relationship with Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) to Sonny in order to clear Brick.

General Hospital previews indicate Carly and Nina get into it when Carly gives her an open invitation. Carly tells Nina to “Bring it on,” as they come face to face in a heated argument.

Carly is sick of Nina’s sh!t and won’t hold back in confrontation. Who will win this round of The Battle of the Blonds?!

Who will win this round in the Carly vs Nina battle?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Maurice Benard Gets ’Stylish’ In Latest TikTok – This Is Why We Love Him! Is He Ready For ‘DWTS’?

Maurice Benard’s TikTok dance

Maurice Benard’s TikTok dancing is a must see! Maurice Benard’s appeal knows no bounds. His style is versatile as he can make anyone smile.

Whether you are a veteran soap opera fan, watching since the beginning of time, or watch bow because your mother, grandmother, or even great grandmother was a fan, we all can appreciate Maurice. Young and old, General Hospital icon Maurice Benard is a fan favorite.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Maurice aka Sonny Corinthos recently shared a TikTok video to Armani White song Billie Eilish. The lyrics sing, ”Stylish,” as Benard dies a kittle ditty and sits down to do some shoulder shrugs. Maurice was getting stylish in the suit department of a clothing store. His dance moves bring so many smiles and we think they are worthy of Dancing With The Stars!

Maurice wants this video to go viral! He would be a great contestant on ABC’s DWTS. Help make Maurice Benard’s TikTok dance go viral! Please share to spread the word!

Do you want to see Maurice Benard on Dancing With The Stars?

Do you want to see Maurice Benard on Dancing With The Stars?

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@mauricebenard60 You don’t need a lot of moves ???????????????????? #generalhospitalabc @generalhospitalgh @Dancing with the Stars #DWTS #dance #viralvideo ♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

General Hospital Spoilers: A Dazed And Bloodstained Elizabeth Emerges From The Woods, Confesses To Nikolas

Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) has shut out her boyfriend Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) as she is in denial about what is happening to her mental health.

General Hospital recaps recall Elizabeth and Finn’s conversation didn’t play out as he had hoped, resulting in her telling him that he isn’t her anything, then abruptly leaving the Quartermaine charity picnic.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Elizabeth isn’t opening up to Finn but she will be vulnerable when talking to one of her oldest friends, Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma). Nik is going through a multifaceted crisis of his own as his relationships with both his son Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and his wife Ava Jerome (Maura West) have burned to the ground, Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) is either dead or missing, and what he doesn’t know is that his wife has been brutally attacked.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Elizabeth is in a daze when she emerges out of the woods with blood on her forehead. She runs into Nikolas while still in her fragile state after just having another episode. GH previews and spoilers indicate that Liz will tell Nikolas it happened again, sounding like she has confided in him about this before.

General Hospital rumors point a finger at Liz as the mysterious suspect who stabbed Ava with the hook. It’s possible that when Liz blacked out, she could have turned violent as she did with Chase (Josh Swickard) during a previous traumatic episode. When Elizabeth blacks out, she tends to use violence as a form of defense from whatever she was forced to defend herself against when she was a child.

Did Elizabeth black out and attack Ava after she walked out on her argument with Nik? Although many have reasons for wanting Ava out of the way, this attack may have been a senseless accident due to Elizabeth’s deteriorating mental health and suppressed trauma.