General Hospital News And Spoilers: Tristan Rogers Makes Official Announcement

Tristan Rogers announcement

Tristan Rogers makes official announcement! General Hospital star Tristan Rogers has turned to social media platforms to announce an official, life-changing event.

According to Tristan Rogers’s verified Twitter account, General Hospital news reports confirm the soap opera vet shared some personal news. On October 17th, GH’s Robert Scorpio became a grandfather. Rogers tweeted, ”It’s now official. I’m a grand father. Yeeeaahh.”

General Hospital spoilers reveal Tristan shared an update with fans on being a grandfather. Rogers admits, ”There’s nothing quite like it,” when referring to holding the new baby.

We would like to congratulate Tristan on becoming a grandfather! We wish him all the joys of family, along with good health and happiness.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Josh Swickard Is Out Of His Element, Admits He’s “Very Scared”

And here we thought that the real fear stemmed from not knowing who will be coming around the corner with a hook! Who knew the scariest thing would involve sharks?!

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal, GH star Josh Swickard is scared of what’s to come, but we aren’t talking about what’s going on with detective Harrison Chase and the people of Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Swickard has announced he is partaking in an event and he’s excited to take us [fans] along. Josh is running in a Malibu triathlon for which he hasn’t trained. He admits he doesn’t swim abs beloved sharks eat people.

GH spoilers reveal Swickard made it out alive, despite his concerns, admitting, “I don’t think anything bad, bad is gonna happen, I just don’t think it’s gonna be a great time,” the actor admits.

As it turns out, General Hospital spoilers reveal the Malibu triathlon was an “amazing experience.” Josh shared photos of the event and his accomplishments as his wife, Lauren, and daughter Savannah were by his side.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Take A Look Inside Marcus Coloma’s Morning Routine!

How does one become a Prince? And not just any Prince, but a dark and mysterious Prince. A Fresh Prince? What gets General Hospital star, Marcus Coloma aka Nikolas Cassadine, ready to tackle his day as himself as well as his iconic role on ABC’s GH?

General Hospital spoilers reveal the answers! In a recent Instagram post, Coloma shared a video, highlighting the tasks he takes on in the morning in order to open the door for the possibilities life can bring.

General Hospital news reports reveal Marcus has a morning routine which sets the stage for his entire day. Starting off with a healthy breakfast smoothie, writing down daily goals, and taking care of himself from the inside out are all part of Marcus Coloma’s morning routine. What will you do to open the door to life’s many possibilities?!

General Hospital Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Shares Secret Method Inspired By Steve Burton

How do you achieve your equilibrium during day tk day tasks, while navigating tonight work, family, stress, relaxation, and self care?

General Hospital news and spoilers explain just how Marcus Coloma faces his stressors.

General Hospital Spoilers reveal General Hospital’s Marcus Coloma, aka, Nikolas Cassadine, has shared his methods for finding balance in a recent social media post.

General Hospital news reports reveal Coloma has credited former GH co-star, Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) for the inspiration.

In his recent Instagram post, Marcus tells a story from his childhood relating to an experience at the dentist office, and how that particular experience I owned the gates for deeper thinking toward life and it’s areas where we as humans may find, depth, emptiness, and even holes where we should be filling ourselves up.

Marcos Coloma gets deep (bath time, cavities, pun intended ????) in his recent Instagram video. Make sure you check it out!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Bradford Anderson, AKA The Jackal, Has Been Working Out With Steve And The Results Are Astonishing!

General Hospital stars, Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton are best friends on screen as tech wizard, Damian Spinelli and mob enforcer, Jason Morgan. Although Steve Burton has recently left the daytime drama, for the time being, nothing can stop a true friendship like the one between Bradford and Steve.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton are on their A game when it comes to bringing laughs to their fans.

In a recent Instagram post, Bradford shared a photo which is captioned, “I’ve been working out over Christmas break.” The photo isn’t what you’d think. Bradford jokingly photoshopped his face onto his BFF, Steve’s, muscular body. This GH wellness inspiration heals from within. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

General Hospital News: Ingo Rademacher Addresses ‘New’ Study On The Pandemic And The Benefit Of Weight Loss And Exercise

The emphasis on the importance of overall wellness is more important to me, personally, now more than ever. With everything going on in our world currently, taking care of ourselves so that we are able to put forth our best selves into the world has become a priority. Although it may seem a bit unambiguous, however, so often self-care is overlooked.

General Hospital Blog has recently added a GH Wellness Inspiration section to our blog, featuring motivational posts regarding our well-being. From mental health, to physical, spiritual, comedic, and everything in between, the cast and crew of General Hospital, share their hobbies, interests, and overall wellness with fans.

General Hospital news reports reveal that former GH star, Ingo Rademcacher, has recently shared a video on Instagram, touching on the controversial details surrounding the pandemic. General Hospital spoilers reveal, in Rademacher’s video, he mentions the recent study which focuses on the relationship between weight loss, diet, exercise, and overall health and Covid symptoms.

In the video and caption below, Ingo has a lot to say about our current state of affairs, and the importance of overall health.