General Hospital Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Shares Secret Method Inspired By Steve Burton

How do you achieve your equilibrium during day tk day tasks, while navigating tonight work, family, stress, relaxation, and self care?

General Hospital news and spoilers explain just how Marcus Coloma faces his stressors.

General Hospital Spoilers reveal General Hospital’s Marcus Coloma, aka, Nikolas Cassadine, has shared his methods for finding balance in a recent social media post.

General Hospital news reports reveal Coloma has credited former GH co-star, Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) for the inspiration.

In his recent Instagram post, Marcus tells a story from his childhood relating to an experience at the dentist office, and how that particular experience I owned the gates for deeper thinking toward life and it’s areas where we as humans may find, depth, emptiness, and even holes where we should be filling ourselves up.

Marcos Coloma gets deep (bath time, cavities, pun intended 😉) in his recent Instagram video. Make sure you check it out!

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