General Hospital News And Spoilers: Josh Swickard Is Out Of His Element, Admits He’s “Very Scared”

And here we thought that the real fear stemmed from not knowing who will be coming around the corner with a hook! Who knew the scariest thing would involve sharks?!

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal, GH star Josh Swickard is scared of what’s to come, but we aren’t talking about what’s going on with detective Harrison Chase and the people of Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Swickard has announced he is partaking in an event and he’s excited to take us [fans] along. Josh is running in a Malibu triathlon for which he hasn’t trained. He admits he doesn’t swim abs beloved sharks eat people.

GH spoilers reveal Swickard made it out alive, despite his concerns, admitting, “I don’t think anything bad, bad is gonna happen, I just don’t think it’s gonna be a great time,” the actor admits.

As it turns out, General Hospital spoilers reveal the Malibu triathlon was an “amazing experience.” Josh shared photos of the event and his accomplishments as his wife, Lauren, and daughter Savannah were by his side.

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