Does Nina Have a Conscience?

As Nina sits at Rafe’s bedside, she thanks him for being able to keep her secret. With the death of she and Silas’ nephew Rafe, the truth about what Nina is up to will die with him. Since Rafe saw Nina able to walk, and overheard her telling Rosalie she wants to take down Silas and Sam, Nina’s optimal situation would be if Rafe died. After she tells a brain dead Rafe that she will give him a big funeral with all the trimmings, he suddenly grabs her hands and opens his eyes. Friday afternoon fans were ecstatic at the fact that Rafe may actually live. Not only is Rafe a great character, Jimmy Deshler a fantastic young actor, but the story line would be that much sweeter. That would have been an unexpected twist if Rafe were to stick it to Nina and actually live. However, the closer and closer it gets to the follow up episode, it looks as though Nina’s mind was just playing tricks on her. In a headline from ABC’s General Hospital itself, it says, “Nina’s conscience gets to her. Will she come clean with Silas.” That seems to be an indication right there that Rafe isn’t really awake, but the idea of what happened to him is haunting Nina. The next question is, will Nina come clean and tell Silas about her involvement in all of this? My guess is no way. She may have a split second of a guilty conscience for what she has done, but it will doubtfully be enough for her to come forward. She plans on destroying Silas in any way she can and up next she will make her move to break up Silas and Sam.

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Haley Pullos (Molly Davis Lansing) Weighs in on Tomorrow’s GH

Even though the episode on Friday, July 4th was a repeat, there was still quite the cliffhanger on Thursday’s episode. A scared and confused Molly was riding passenger in Silas’ car, with Rafe Kovich as the driver. Rafe has done the unthinkable and is running away instead of facing the people he hurt. Lives were shattered after Patrick and Sabrina were ran off the road coming home from Emma’s dance recital. Rafe admitted to Molly that he was behind the wheel that night and caused the accident. However, he also disclosed that it wasn’t an accident, he wasn’t high, and that someone put him up to it. Molly was shocked but before she could find out who would talk Rafe into such a thing, Rafe crashed into the road block the police set up to catch him. Both kids are unconscious and unresponsive. In the preview for the next episode Sam is standing over Molly yelling “She isn’t waking up!”

Fans are dying to know if actress Haley Pullos and/or actor Jimmy Deshler are leaving General Hospital. Will Rafe and Molly survive the accident? Find out this week on General Hospital!

Haley Pullos sent out a tweet to General Hospital fans, reminding them not to miss General Hospital tomorrow, Monday, July 7th. Check out what she had to say in her tweet below.


“It Wasn’t an Accident, Molly!” Who Put Rafe Up to the Unthinkable?

Patrick, Sam, Silas, and other residents of Port Charles are finally about to wrap up the “who done it” story involving the car accident involving the death of Sabrina and Patrick’s baby, Gabriel. For weeks it has looked as though Rafe was responsible for running Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma off the road the night of Emma’s dance recital. There was a lot going on that night as Ava threatened Carlos by claiming he would warn him with targeting Sabrina. Fluke also warned little Spencer Cassadine to keep his mouth shut to Sonny or he would hurt his little Emma Drake. Then through the cocaine using Rafe Kovich into the mix. Now that we know that Rafe was in fact driving the car that ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road, then next twist keeps us wondering why.

In an intense getaway with Molly in the car, Rafe told her that he was not high when he ran the car off the road. He proceeded to tell her that it wasn’t an accident and that someone put him up to it. But who? Why? There are a couple theories…

Fluke. He is ruthless and extremely dangerous and obviously has no reservations about hurting a child. Whose to say he didn’t make Rafe cause the accident in exchange for drugs since Rafe is lacking in the finance department.

Nina. She caught Rafe with cocaine, and now she wants to blackmail him. She easily could have had him run them off the road in order to try and set up Silas.

Ava. Perhaps she got in contact with Rafe just to do her dirty work and follow through with her threat on Sabrina.

Which of these theories sounds most accurate? If you have your own theory on who put Rafe up to causing the accident, please share and comment below. We look forward to hearing your input!