“It Wasn’t an Accident, Molly!” Who Put Rafe Up to the Unthinkable?

Patrick, Sam, Silas, and other residents of Port Charles are finally about to wrap up the “who done it” story involving the car accident involving the death of Sabrina and Patrick’s baby, Gabriel. For weeks it has looked as though Rafe was responsible for running Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma off the road the night of Emma’s dance recital. There was a lot going on that night as Ava threatened Carlos by claiming he would warn him with targeting Sabrina. Fluke also warned little Spencer Cassadine to keep his mouth shut to Sonny or he would hurt his little Emma Drake. Then through the cocaine using Rafe Kovich into the mix. Now that we know that Rafe was in fact driving the car that ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road, then next twist keeps us wondering why.

In an intense getaway with Molly in the car, Rafe told her that he was not high when he ran the car off the road. He proceeded to tell her that it wasn’t an accident and that someone put him up to it. But who? Why? There are a couple theories…

Fluke. He is ruthless and extremely dangerous and obviously has no reservations about hurting a child. Whose to say he didn’t make Rafe cause the accident in exchange for drugs since Rafe is lacking in the finance department.

Nina. She caught Rafe with cocaine, and now she wants to blackmail him. She easily could have had him run them off the road in order to try and set up Silas.

Ava. Perhaps she got in contact with Rafe just to do her dirty work and follow through with her threat on Sabrina.

Which of these theories sounds most accurate? If you have your own theory on who put Rafe up to causing the accident, please share and comment below. We look forward to hearing your input!