Haley Pullos (Molly Davis Lansing) Weighs in on Tomorrow’s GH

Even though the episode on Friday, July 4th was a repeat, there was still quite the cliffhanger on Thursday’s episode. A scared and confused Molly was riding passenger in Silas’ car, with Rafe Kovich as the driver. Rafe has done the unthinkable and is running away instead of facing the people he hurt. Lives were shattered after Patrick and Sabrina were ran off the road coming home from Emma’s dance recital. Rafe admitted to Molly that he was behind the wheel that night and caused the accident. However, he also disclosed that it wasn’t an accident, he wasn’t high, and that someone put him up to it. Molly was shocked but before she could find out who would talk Rafe into such a thing, Rafe crashed into the road block the police set up to catch him. Both kids are unconscious and unresponsive. In the preview for the next episode Sam is standing over Molly yelling “She isn’t waking up!”

Fans are dying to know if actress Haley Pullos and/or actor Jimmy Deshler are leaving General Hospital. Will Rafe and Molly survive the accident? Find out this week on General Hospital!

Haley Pullos sent out a tweet to General Hospital fans, reminding them not to miss General Hospital tomorrow, Monday, July 7th. Check out what she had to say in her tweet below.