General Hospital News: Billy Miller’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Billy Miller’s cause of death
Billy Miller’s cause of death

Early this morning General Hospital Blog reluctantly shared the devastating news of Billy Miller’s passing. Updated information reveals that the three-time Daytime Emmy winner was just one day shy of his 44th birthday.

A very recent update gives a closer look into Billy Miller’s cause of death. According to General Hospital news reports and GeniusCelebs.com, Miller’s publicist revealed that the actor died of complications from progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). Reportedly, Billy Miller died of a stroke on September 16th.

PSP is a neurological disorder which causes negative effects on your ability to balance, adversely affects vision, speech, and movement. He was undergoing treatment since his diagnosis with PSP in 2021.

The entire industry mourns this incredibly talented Miller. He could be playing on ABC’s General Hospital as Jake Doe, Jason Morgan, or Drew Cain, on Y&R as Billy Abbott, or Marcus Spector on Suits… whatever the role, Billy Miller brought the talent to the table and made quite an impact on his fans. Even die hard Steve Burton fans fell in love with Miller’s portrayal of the iconic role.

It has come as a complete and utter shock that the beloved, fan favorite, Billy Miller has left us. May he Rest In Peace.

General Hospital News: Cousin Of Three-Time Emmy Winner Billy Miller Speaks Out On His Death

Billy Miller passes away at 43
Billy Miller passes away

It is with a heavy heart that I not only had to share this news with you early this morning, but that it is indeed a reality. While still in disbelieve, the tragic news continues to pour through each and every media outlet.

General Hospital news reports confirm the death of three-time Daytime Emmy winner Billy Miller. He has won two Daytime Emmy’s for his role in Y & R, along with a win for playing Jason Morgan/Jake Doe on General Hospital. At this time the cause of death remains unknown. However, GH spoilers reveal that a family member has taken to social media with the news.

Known for his roles in Suits, The Young and the Restless, and of course, General Hospital, Billy Miller was an extraordinary talent and a beloved fan favorite. According to the mastery GH news and story developments, Miller’s cousin reached out on social media and provided slightly more information about the tragedy. She mentions that Billy is her second cousin, and his mother Pat is her first.

Billy Miller passes away

Billy Miller passes away on what was two days prior to his 44th birthday. Today, September 17th is Billy’s birthday. Please keep Billy Miller in your prayers as his family mourns his loss. General Hospital Blog will provide updates as the story develops.

What’s Next for Sonny Corinthos? Will He Make it Out Alive?

SonnysurviveSocial media and fans sites are blowing up with the current General Hospital story line involving Sonny and the entire Corinthos family. Fans are up in arms at the possibility of losing their favorite mobster, Port Charles mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. What is going to happen next for Sonny and the rest of the Corinthos clan?

Sonny’s life is hanging by a thread as Carly, Michael, Morgan, Sam, and Jake, wait helplessly at the hospital. Ric is causing trouble for Carly and her kids, trying to minimize the importance she, Michael, and Morgan, have in Sonny’s life. Amidst all the family drama going on between Ric and the rest of Sonny’s loved ones, the fact still remains that Sonny is fighting for his life. At this point, no one is certain whether he will live or die, or if his life will forever be changed after surgery. General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is a possibility that Sonny will become paralyzed. The surgery may save his life, but there is a risk that Sonny may never walk again.

We want the fans to weigh in. What do you think will happen to Sonny? If he lives, will he ever walk again?


Will Spinelli Uncover the Truth About Jason Morgan?

SpinelliJakeThere is a highly likely chance that GH favorite Bradford Anderson is coming back to General Hospital as the tech savvy, good hearted, hilarious, Damian Spinelli. Anderson was most recently on GH as Spinelli when he returned to Port Charles from Portland. Spinelli brought his daughter Georgie for a visit with her mom, Maxie. He was in Port Charles for the duration of the annual Nurses Ball, and stayed with enough time to profess his lvoe for Maxie, all while discovering that Ellie is the one he wants to be with.

General Hospital rumors have been flying that Bradford Anderson will making another appearance in the new future to entangle his character Spinelli in the discovery of Jason Morgan’s identity.

Jason and Spinelli were best friends. Sort of an odd couple, Jason was the tough guy, muscle man, mob enforcer, while Spinelli was his computer wing man. Spinelli did all the investigating for the mob, including computer hacking to get one leg up from their enemies, to recover and sabotage camera footage, etc. These two had a friendship like no other and they truly admired one another. Spinelli still mourns the loss of his BFF Jason. GH rumors claim that Spinelli will come back to Port Charles and aid in the discovery of Jason Morgan. Just as when Spinelli met Jake Doe for the first time, he had an deep rooted feeling that Jake could be Jason. Perhaps on his second return home, Spinelli will get closer to proving his instinct to be right, and uncover the story we have all been waiting for- the BIG Jason Morgan reveal.

What do you think? Will Jason’s BFF uncover the truth? Perhaps with his business partner, Fair Samantha, who also happens to be Jason’s wife, Jackal P.I. may just have a new case!




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General Hospital Spoilers: Little Jake Triggers Jason’s Memory

JakeLittleJakeThe revelation of the real Jason Morgan has become so over due that fans are well past the point of waiting patiently. At every turn of events, there is an opportunity for Jake to be revealed as Jason Morgan, yet those opportunities never materialize. More and more people now know that Jake Doe is actually Jason, and soon the secret will unravel.

Port Charles got a huge surprise last week when Elizabeth Webber’s son, Jake turned out to be alive. His adoptive father, Lucky brought him home. Jake had been in Helena’s custody since the accident caused by Luke. While Lucky was in town, he had a heart to heart with his brother Nikolas, which turned into another stepping stone to Jason’s true identity. Nik told Lucky that he and Liz are well aware that Jake is actually Jason. As of now, Lucky has decided not to tell Jake who he really is.

All this time fans have been tossing around ideas and theories of who could discover Jake is Jason. Elizabeth already knows and is keeping him all to herself. Fans have said Sam should figure it out since she is his wife, Sonny because he is his best friend along with Spinelli, Carly, etc. However, now there is someone else in the mix. Little Jake Webber may hold the key to Jake’s true identity. General Hospital spoilers have revealed that when meeting little Jake, Jake Doe had a flashback of playing with cars. Being around Liz’s son jarred a memory. Could little Jake be the one that brings Jake out of his amnesia? It would be quite ironic for Elizabeth, if the resurrection of her son whom she has longed to see again, was actually the demise of her relationship with his father, Jason Morgan.

We want to know what the fans think. How do you think this story will unfold?


General Hospital Spoilers: GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati Posts, “A Sign of Something to Come” In Regard to Jason and Sam

Jason (Jake) and Sam fans are about to get their party pants on… it’s getting closer and closer to the Nurses Ball which General Hospital spoilers have indicated is when Jake will be revealed as the one and only Jason Morgan.

In a GH spoilers promo, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) are discussing a secret that they are both aware of, and Liz wants to make sure that Nikolas doesn’t have any intention on telling the truth. Previous GH rumors have claimed that Liz finds out that Jake is Jason but wants it kept under wraps.

General Hospital Head Writer Ron Carlivati dropped a hit for JaSam fans today on twitter. GH spoilers have teased that sooner rather than later, Jake will be revealed as Jason to the residents of Port Charles. Check out Ron’s tweet, hinting that those GH spoilers are about to happen very soon.



Rebecca Budig On Her Way Out

It was big news when General Hospital officials announced that TV fan favorite was headed to Port Charles. Rebecca Budig has been a great part of ABC daytime for many years as she played Greenlee Smythe on All My Children.

News of the talented actress’ arrival to PC came with much excitement as well has many questions regarding the story line with Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco). JaSam fans were up in arms because along with the knowledge that Rebecca Budig would be joining the cast of GH was a brief summary of who she would be playing. Rebecca currently plays a woman that has claimed to be Jake Doe’s (Jason) wife, Hayden. This didn’t sit well with fans of the super couple because this woman would be yet another set back to the long awaited JaSam reunion.

If the recent General Hospital rumors are true, JaSam fans can have a bit of relief that this crazy story of Hayden pretneding to be Jake’s wife. GH rumors claim that Rebecca Budig has just taped her last scenes and the character she portrays is on her way out of Port Charles.

If Hayden is on her way out, we are one step closer to Jake finding out the truth and to a Jason and Sam reunion. Happy dance!

General Hospital Spoilers: Jake (Jason) Dreams of His Wife, Sam Morgan

Fans are about to lose their minds when it comes to the Jake Doe, Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) story line. Die hard JaSam fans just want the reunion sooner rather than later. Sam and Jason have been considered one of Daytime TV’s ultimate super couples. This relationship which is just short of an entire decade has had a huge fan following since the beginning. Every since Jason took Sam in while pregnant with Sonny’s baby, these two were meant to be. They have been there for each other through it all, the good, the bad, the unthinkable. This couple possesses passion, love, selflessness, humor… together they make one bad ass mob team, Jason the enforcer and Sam his leading lady, P.I.

Ever since Steve Burton left General Hospital and Jason Morgan “died,” true Jason and Sam fans have not been completely content with the love interests that were introduced for Sm Morgan. Some jumped on the Silas (Michael Easton) and Sam bandwagon, and there is no doubt that  Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sam make an adorably hot couple. But the fact remains, that Jason and Sam have YEARS of history, and no other man compares when it comes to being a match for fair Samantha.

Now that Billy Miller has taken on the role of Jason Morgan (Jake Doe for now), fans have been waiting in anticipation for him to regain his memory, stop messing around with Liz (Rebecca Herbst), and realize that Sam and Danny are his family. Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) just put a huge wrench in things after he hired a con artist, Hayden (Rebecca Budig) to pose as Jake’s long lost wife, in an attempt to get him away from Elizabeth Webber. Thus, setting back the reunion for Jason and Sam even further.

Recent General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jake will have a dream about Sam, which will include flashbacks of their life together. GH rumors have been speculating that these flashbacks will ultimately lead to Jake discovering that Sam is his wife.

Are you ready for Jason to finally remember who he is and who he loves? Leave a comment and let us know if you are excited for Jason and Sam to be a family again with their son, Danny.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Has A Dream

Before Jake Doe was operated on by Dr. Patrick Drake, he had a very revealing memory which let him know who he really is. He tried to mutter out the words to his friend and nurse, Elizabeth Webber, but the anesthesia prevented him from getting out what he needed to say. The entire time Jake was in surgery, Liz was hoping that Jake would be able to tell her, and everyone else his true identity.

Fans along with Jake and everyone who now knows him as Jake, were disappointed when the thought he had before surgery was gone. Even after Patrick performed the operation in hopes to undo what Helena had done, Jake still doesn’t have any memory of his past life.

New General Hospital spoilers indicate that by the end of this week, Jake will have a dream that is more like a memory. His dream will lead him to who he really is, and possibly indicate his relationship with his wife, Sam, his son, Danny, as well as other close friends and family.

Nikolas is well aware of Jake’s true identity and struggles with having to withhold the truth from his cousin Sam, and his friend Liz. Helena has threatened him and is blackmailing him into not telling. But will Jake remember who he is before Nik even has a chance to do the right thing?

What do you think? Is it finally over? Will Jake remember that he is actually Jason Morgan this week on General Hospital? Watch it all unfold weekdays on ABC at 2PM Eastern.

Jake Remembers He is Jason Morgan! Will He Live to Tell the Secret?

Ironically, with the help of Helena Cassadine, it has been proven that she has been controlling Jake Doe with mind conditioning and a microchip. Dr. Patrick Drake confirmed Helena’s claims with a brain scan, finding the microchip hidden deep within Jake’s brain. He is undergoing surgery to finally put an end to what Helena has done.

All of Jason’s leading ladies are right by his side. He has Elizabeth with him in the operating room as Sam and Carly stand by and pray that he survives. At this time, these women are there to support a friend. Liz has been by Jake’s side since he was first brought to GH, she let him into her home and life, and wants the best for him. Sam has felt some strange connections to Jake, as her son Danny mysteriously clung to his side when they first met. Carly also feels a familiar bond with Jake, and she and Sam also want him to pull through to over come the damage Helena has done.

On the operating table, just before he went under, Jake had flashbacks of Helena giving him orders, and explaining that he is in fact the one and only Jason Morgan. He is in the middle of an extremely risky surgery and even Dr. Drake doesn’t know if he will make it out alive.

Will Jake live to tell Helena’s secret and reunite with his wife, family, and friends? Check out GH at 2PM Eastern!