Will Spinelli Uncover the Truth About Jason Morgan?

SpinelliJakeThere is a highly likely chance that GH favorite Bradford Anderson is coming back to General Hospital as the tech savvy, good hearted, hilarious, Damian Spinelli. Anderson was most recently on GH as Spinelli when he returned to Port Charles from Portland. Spinelli brought his daughter Georgie for a visit with her mom, Maxie. He was in Port Charles for the duration of the annual Nurses Ball, and stayed with enough time to profess his lvoe for Maxie, all while discovering that Ellie is the one he wants to be with.

General Hospital rumors have been flying that Bradford Anderson will making another appearance in the new future to entangle his character Spinelli in the discovery of Jason Morgan’s identity.

Jason and Spinelli were best friends. Sort of an odd couple, Jason was the tough guy, muscle man, mob enforcer, while Spinelli was his computer wing man. Spinelli did all the investigating for the mob, including computer hacking to get one leg up from their enemies, to recover and sabotage camera footage, etc. These two had a friendship like no other and they truly admired one another. Spinelli still mourns the loss of his BFF Jason. GH rumors claim that Spinelli will come back to Port Charles and aid in the discovery of Jason Morgan. Just as when Spinelli met Jake Doe for the first time, he had an deep rooted feeling that Jake could be Jason. Perhaps on his second return home, Spinelli will get closer to proving his instinct to be right, and uncover the story we have all been waiting for- the BIG Jason Morgan reveal.

What do you think? Will Jason’s BFF uncover the truth? Perhaps with his business partner, Fair Samantha, who also happens to be Jason’s wife, Jackal P.I. may just have a new case!




Photo from: Michael Fairman Soaps