General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Has A Dream

Before Jake Doe was operated on by Dr. Patrick Drake, he had a very revealing memory which let him know who he really is. He tried to mutter out the words to his friend and nurse, Elizabeth Webber, but the anesthesia prevented him from getting out what he needed to say. The entire time Jake was in surgery, Liz was hoping that Jake would be able to tell her, and everyone else his true identity.

Fans along with Jake and everyone who now knows him as Jake, were disappointed when the thought he had before surgery was gone. Even after Patrick performed the operation in hopes to undo what Helena had done, Jake still doesn’t have any memory of his past life.

New General Hospital spoilers indicate that by the end of this week, Jake will have a dream that is more like a memory. His dream will lead him to who he really is, and possibly indicate his relationship with his wife, Sam, his son, Danny, as well as other close friends and family.

Nikolas is well aware of Jake’s true identity and struggles with having to withhold the truth from his cousin Sam, and his friend Liz. Helena has threatened him and is blackmailing him into not telling. But will Jake remember who he is before Nik even has a chance to do the right thing?

What do you think? Is it finally over? Will Jake remember that he is actually Jason Morgan this week on General Hospital? Watch it all unfold weekdays on ABC at 2PM Eastern.