General Hospital News: Kelly Monaco On Twitter: Reacts To HUGE GH Milestone, Thanks Fans

Kelly Monaco doesn’t post much on social media, the portrayer of Sam Morgan likes to kee things in the down low when referring to her private life, and we don’t blame her. Everyone loves when Kelly speaks out on social media, and today she gave GH fans a reason to celebrate.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal General Hospital is approaching a very monumental milestone. Although it’s true the Daytime Drama is about to turn 58 on April 1st, this milestone is yet another of proven longevity. Kelly tweeted that the show is about to reach its 2,000th episode, and then shortly Gompers it up with a correction, informing fans that it will actually be GH’s 3,000th episode!

Kelly is proud of her job, her co-stars, and thankful for the fans!

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