General Hospital Spoilers: Will Olivia Go Into Early Labor?

A lot is going to happen the this week, leading up to the Nurses Ball and after. There wouldn’t be a Nurses Ball without a few obstacles to say the least.

Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) is pregnant with Julian Jerome’s (William DeVry) baby and her good friend Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) actually stepped up and claimed the baby was his. Now with Ned leaving Port Charles, (Wally Kurth announced he is leaving General Hospital and going to Days of Our Lives), Olivia will have to keep this secret alone, as well as have this baby alone… unless, Julian finds out the baby is his.

General Hospital spoilers for this week reveal Olivia will be expressing that she feels there is something wrong. Olivia is possibly going into labor. What we are uncertain of, is whether or not she will deliver a healthy baby or if something dramatic will happen Will Olivia have a Nurses Ball baby? We want to know what the fans think, should Olivia tell Julian the truth about the baby?

General Hospital News: Wally Kurth OUT at GH, Signs Contract with DAYS

Breaking news in General Hospital comings and goings. Long time GH star, Wally Kurth has announced he is leaving the show.

Wally’s character, Ned Ashton has played a significant role in the legendary Quartermaine family for many years. As the son of Tracy Quartermaine, Ned has been involved in many front running story lines. Currently, he is the the almost-love interest of OLucia Falconeri who has had her eye on Ned for quite a while. Ned is always there to help out a good friend, and right now he is claiming to be the father of some other man’s child just to protect Olivia. She is carrying mob boss, Julian Jerome’s child and doesn’t want him to find out.

Now that Wally Kurth has announced his departure from GH, it will be interesting to see how Olivia’s baby drama will unfold. Without Ned around, will she be able to keep her secret under wraps?

Check out the tweet confirming Wally’s exit from GH, announcing he has signed a contract with ‘Days of Our Lives.’

General Hospital Spoilers: One Couple Will Be Expecting!

General Hospital spoilers reveal that one PC couple will be getting a very big surprise. According to Soaps in Depth magazine, there will be an upcoming baby shocker!

Sam and Patrick have recently taken their friendship to a level of intimacy as a romantic relationship. These two have been spending a lot of time together, in and out of the sheets! They have help one another through the tough times in life, and they spend time laughing and having fun with one another. If Sam ends up pregnant, it could be all sunshine and rainbows… except for one thing. Her husband Jason is alive! Sam’s pregnancy would put a wrench in a JaSam reunion, once Jake figures out who he really is.

Nathan and Maxie started off the new year with a bang… or shall we say, multiple. They definitely made the most of finally being able to be together after all the New Years Eve chaos that kept them apart, along with Levi and Judge Walters. Spinelli is due to return to Port Charles in the near future, most likely with their daughter, Georgie. Maxie getting pregnant by Nathan would definitely complicate things.

Ned and Alexis along with Julian and Olivia also got together right after New Years. Alexis is with Ned while she is clearly still in love with Julian. Getting pregnant would not be an optimal outcome for Alexis’ situation. Julian and Olivia openly used one another to get over their broken hearts caused by Ned and Alexis. Olivia desperately wants to be more than friends with Ned, but he is currently in a relationship with Alexis, who obviously would rather be with Julian. Oh they tangled web they weave!

Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri) has announced her real life pregnancy and fans have been wondering if the General Hospital rumors regarding writing it into the story line will come true. Julian and Olivia are far from being in love… but she just might end up with his baby!

What do you think? Which couple will end up with a baby surprise?


Olivia Pregnant With Julian’s Baby

It’s no surprise that actress Lisa LoCicero who plays GH’s Olivia Falconeri is pregnant in real life. The actress revealed that she and her husband (Michael Patrick Jann) were expecting their second child, a girl. General Hospital Blog has previously reported the news of the star’s bundle on the way.

Since the announcement, fans have been wondering and General Hospital rumors have been floating around in regard to whether or not this will be written into the script. These GH rumors just might turn out to be true. On New Years Eve, Olivia and Julian slept together in attempt to forget about the ones their hearts are truly with. Ned and Alexis are currently giving their relationship another chance while Julian and Olivia watch from the sidelines.

Ned and Alexis may end up realizing that they are better as friends than they are together as lovers. Will it be too late for Ned to reciprocate Olivia’s feelings? Could Olivia be pregnant with Julian’s baby after their encounter on New Years Eve?

Olivia Pregnant? Will Lisa LoCicero’s Pregnancy Be Written Into the Script?

Hey fans! General Hospital Blog would like to share some exciting news regarding one of GH’s talented and beautiful actresses.

Congratulations are in order for General Hospital’s own Lisa LoCicero. The 44 year old actress was spotted at an event for a new film called ‘Outfest’ sporting the cutest of baby bump. Lisa and husband, Michael Patrick Jann are expecting their second child. Lisa and Michael have a 13 year old son named Lukas. The gender of the new baby is yet to be determined.

How will this effect Lisa’s GH character, Olivia Falconeri? Fans have been wondering whether her real life pregnancy will be written in to Olivia’s story line. If so, who would be the Daddy? Some say they hope Olivia is pregnant and that Ned is the father. Most fans shutter at the thought of Sonny Corinthos producing yet another offspring.

What do you all think? Let us know your thoughts on this news and how it should tie into General Hospital’s story line.