Olivia Pregnant With Julian’s Baby

It’s no surprise that actress Lisa LoCicero who plays GH’s Olivia Falconeri is pregnant in real life. The actress revealed that she and her husband (Michael Patrick Jann) were expecting their second child, a girl. General Hospital Blog has previously reported the news of the star’s bundle on the way.

Since the announcement, fans have been wondering and General Hospital rumors have been floating around in regard to whether or not this will be written into the script. These GH rumors just might turn out to be true. On New Years Eve, Olivia and Julian slept together in attempt to forget about the ones their hearts are truly with. Ned and Alexis are currently giving their relationship another chance while Julian and Olivia watch from the sidelines.

Ned and Alexis may end up realizing that they are better as friends than they are together as lovers. Will it be too late for Ned to reciprocate Olivia’s feelings? Could Olivia be pregnant with Julian’s baby after their encounter on New Years Eve?