What Laura Has Loved and Lost

LauraKeyThe reading of Helena’s will was significantly short of satisfying, as we basically know nothing of what she meant by her oh-so-crytpic distributions of mystery and evil to those that were closest to the Cassadine family.

Helena has held a special place in her heart, so to speak, for the Spencer family, especially, Luke and Laura.

Helena’s “gift” to Laura (Genie Francis) is probably the most intriguing and mysterious of them all. She has given Laura a black, uniquely shaped key, and it’s purpose is that it’s the “key to what Laura has loved… and LOST!”

What could that possibly mean? Well the fans had a couple of ideas. General Hospital rumors have been swirling ever since yesterday’s episode of GH. Some think it could be Luke, and that Anthony Geary may be making a cameo comeback after his retirement last year. We all know she has loved and lost her great love, Luke Spencer.

Others have guess that perhaps Jonathan Jackson would return for a brief time as Luke and Laura’s son, Lucky Spencer. Although she loves Lucky, she hasn’t actually “lost” him, as he is just not living in Port Charles.

What do you think Helena meant by this gift to Laura Spencer? Is Anythony Geary or Jonathan Jackson returning to GH?




Photo from: Michael Fairman Facebook

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