General Hospital Spoilers: The Fallout Begins! Nina Faces Sonny and Willow

Nina faces Sonny and Willow
Nina faces Sonny and Willow

Deception runs deep throughout the families around Port Charles. Each feel victimizing and then justified in their own way. However; only a few can take things to another level. I always thought that calculated revenge plots and breakup pranks were for songs and movie scripts. But apparently Nina Reeves took at few pages from those books.

In Port Charles, there’s and increased amount of tension around town. Paths cross, and bridges burn while whispers are heard at every turn. Actually, it would be easier if the lies and deceit stayed outside the family walls. Fighting among enemies isn’t ideal but it’s better than fighting one of your own. Such as when your nephew outsmarts you in a business deal. Because of him, you own one less share of the family business! Uh oh!

Undoubtedly, secrets, betrayals, and deception consume Port Charles. Each and every family is involved in some type of scandal or another. Mostly, these scandals are business related but with personal roots. Over at the Quartermaine’s, Tracy’s cut-throat business tactics cause damage beyond recognition. But what changes drastically isn’t those business rivals that she hopes to shoot down. Instead, Tracy used and manipulated her own granddaughter. Now her relationship with Brook Lynn is forever changed. And all of this is over Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring).

Meanwhile, as Granny Tracy (Jane Elliot) and BLQ’s relationship suffers, Willow and Nina slowly begin to grow closer. Family fills the Quartermaine mansion despite the drama and chaos that goes on. And lately Willow’s become a bit more comfortable with having her mother around. But how long will this walk in the park last before Nina’s secrets blow her chances with her daughter?

Currently, multiple families suffer from the impact the Corinthos mob drama has on anyone who gets in the way. Sadly, Drew Cain Cameron Mathison) actively feels the weight of his connection to Carly and the mob. Moreover, his loved ones believe that his entire situation was all for political gain. Although he doesn’t place blame on her or Sonny whatsoever. Drew wants to know who turned them in.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Nina grows increasingly anxious about her SEC secret. Understandably so since what she has done is a doozy! While most GH fans worry about Sonny’s reaction when he learns that his fiancés tipped off the SEC, we can’t forget about Willow.

According to GH spoilers, Nina faces Sonny and Willow upon the SEC bombshell reveal. Drew and Willow’s relationship has always been strong. Then, Drew sprung into action to help in any way. That’s when he went to Greenland to rescue Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) from Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). He risked his life to save Willow’s and the others, and Willow couldn’t be more grateful. Consequently, it’s just like Nina to self destruct, crash, burn, and then… blame CARLY for all of her life’s failures. Did Nina already lose Willow before they even get off the runaway?

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Laura Wright Weighs In On The Longevity And Legacy Of ‘General Hospital’ Are Soap Days Numbered?

General Hospital news and spoilers have reported the 59 year old daytime drama has filmed it’s 15,000 episode. Previously the tribute episode was set to air on June 17th, it was then pushed back to June 20th, and now, due to news coverage in GH’s time slot, the celebratory episode will air on June 21st.

When General Hospital fans reflect on their favorite soap opera, they can’t help to think of some key players such as Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis), Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), along with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), The Quartermaine and Cassadine families, and so many more.

General Hospital news reveals discussions from a recent interview with Daytime Emmy winner and 7 time nominee, Laura Wright as General Hospital’s leading lady, Carly Corinthos.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Cleveland.com has acquired some inside information in Laura Wright’s take on the longevity and legacy of this iconic American soap opera. When asked to explain her take on GH’s impressive longevity, Wright explained, “It’s the fans and their love for the show. We’re really here because of them and their love for the characters, the stories and, gosh, the history.”

As a proud fan myself since the mid 1990’s, I feel honored and appreciated at the credit Laura has bestowed upon the fans.

When it comes to taking the risk, and “going there” regarding bold, realistic, raw, and controversial story lines, Laura feels the risk isn’t a threat [because], “those are stories that should be told. So, I don’t find it risky. I find it current and true to humanity. We’re just telling people’s stories. I don’t know if it’s risky to tell the Alzheimer’s story or the transgender story because we are reflecting people in the world today and I think that’s important.”

Are the days of soap operas numbered?

It’s true that General Hospital is one of only 4 remaining soaps on television, and the only daytime drama left on ABC after the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live back in the earlier 2000s. However, Laura has a bright outlook when faced with the question of whether or not she finds the days are numbered for the soap genre. Wright explains, “I think the future of daytime is strong with all the different platforms you can watch the show on. The fans love that they can get us anytime, whether it be on ABC or Hulu.” Thank God for all of that!

Carly Corinthos: Wife, Mother, Strong, Capable, and a true force to be reckoned with, all while loving to her fullest ability!

Laura Wright touches on her feelings for her character Carly, and what it’s like playing this passionate, strong, intense, and loving woman. When named a “force of nature,” Laura agreed. She went on to describe Carly. She said, “First of all, thank you. I agree, she is a force of nature. It’s amazing and exhausting to be Carly depending on the day because I’m also Laura and she has her life. It’s really interesting, the difference between playing in Carly’s world and being in Laura’s world. But it’s super fun and I love doing it. One of our writers explained Carly as the woman that everybody wants to be friends with and I was like, oh my God, I love that. It’s so true.”

General Hospital spoilers and reveal Laura has spilled the tea on what is ahead for Carly this Summer. She admits that many changes are in store for her character, and her developing relationship with Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is just the beginning.

Ultimately, Laura tells die hard fans exactly what they want to hear when asked about diving into another 15,000 episodes. She declared, “Hell yeah. Bring it on.”

Here’s to General Hospital’s 15,000 episodes and 15,000+ more!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Lisa LoCicero Works On Mew Film, Reveals It “May Take Awhile” To Return To Cali

General Hospital news reports confirmed earlier this month that General Hospital star, Lisa LoCicero announced that she was on set, filming a movie in Montana.

General Hospital news and spoilers indicate that Lisa has taken time away from taping her role as Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine at California’s Prospect Studios.

General Hospital spoilers reveal LoCicero has updated fans on the progress of the Montana film, stating in recent photo caption, “Going back to Cali… (May take awhile).

General Hospital fans began to wonder about Lisa’s status with GH. General Hospital comings and goings reports have not mentioned anything regarding an upcoming exit for the actress. Thankfully, it’s presumed that LoCicero is working on a side project and has no intentions of leaving General Hospital. However, General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on any GH news surrounding details of her time away from GH.

Who is Ready for Ned Ashton’s Return to Port Charles?

Yes you read that correctly! Ned Ashton will be coming back to Port Charles as his portrayer Wally Kurth has confirmed via Twitter. We definitely need more Quartermaines on our screen. Look for Wally Kurth soon on GH and General Hospital Blog will keep fans posted on a more specific date! SHARE if you are excited for his return.


Back From The Dead! Wish List.

Throughout the years some of our favorite (and most hated) characters have come and gone. This is a list of characters who we wish would come back from the dead! Anything is possible in the wonderful world of soaps. Who do you miss the most?


Not in any particular order:

Alan Quartermaine- HUGE disappointment seeing this vet character axed.

Jake Webber-  This was an unnecessary story line which only irritated the viewers. Luke’s involvement was completely tasteless.

Georgie Jones- One of the only “good girl” characters on a soap opera. Wholesome and sweet, honest, loving, brave and selfless. She should have stuck around.

Emily Quartermaine- Simply because they should never have wiped out almost the entire Q clan!

AJ Quartermaine- So much could have been done with this character.

Claudia Zacchara- That girl was so good at being bad.

FRANCO- Simply because he is Franco! Love, love LOVE this character and the actor!! Go James!!! I was fascinated with his performance on the show and interest in doing it.

If you can think of anymore, feel free to comment! Thanks.

Wow, Even Great for a Monday.

Tracey Quartermaine makes me giggle!!! I loved when she was talking about her present from Edward when she was 5. Monica just had to antagonize as always. Skittles! The Q’s are great.  Awwww Luke was sooo darn funny remembering Spanky Buns’ birthday… and the gift, HILARIOUS. Poor Tracey!

I never really got why so many people love John McBain or thought he was sexy. I get that he has nice eyes and a raspy voice but nothing ever really made me think twice about him. Until he came to see Alexis and Sam was there. The way he was looking at her from outside the door way, the way he told her she could confide in him, dang! I see it now. He still really isn’t my thing entirely but if he keeps saying things like that and being so thoughtful and considerate he just may move up my list.  However, I do NOT appreciate the insinuation of he him and Sam getting together. LEAVE JaSam alone! I really just won’t those two, well, those 3 (baby Morgan) to be a happy little family.  The writers should be able to create entertaining drama for them without jeopardizing their marriage.

Oooh boy Heather Webber is one ginormous nut job! I swear back in the day she had a crazy nick name but for the life of me I cannot remember. If anyone remembers please comment! She really knows how to stir things up around PC. I can feel Olivia’s disgust! If I were her I don’t think I could stand for that. An ultimatum would definitely be in order.  If Steve was smart, he would realize that Heather is most likely going to plot for Olivia’s demise.  Oliva should be running for the hills!

Oh JaSam, how I wish you could over come all your troubles and have a care free pregnancy. I think she really needs to just tell Jason ASAP. I don’t think she’s a liar or betraying him and I also don’t think that is what she was doing when she made the decision not to tell him about Robin. Sam does things out of care and concern for her husband and what she believes is in his best interest. I think Jason needs to let go of that power trip and realize his wife is doing what she does out of love.

Connie? Kate? …Vicki? Nicki? Whoever she may be, the actress is doing a fabulous job with playing those two parts! Way to go Kelly Sullivan. John and Anna are going to have a tough time figuring this one out.

Oh bombshell! The look on Michael’s face when Carly told him she and Johnny Z. are an item!