General Hospital Spoilers: The Fallout Begins! Nina Faces Sonny and Willow

Nina faces Sonny and Willow
Nina faces Sonny and Willow

Deception runs deep throughout the families around Port Charles. Each feel victimizing and then justified in their own way. However; only a few can take things to another level. I always thought that calculated revenge plots and breakup pranks were for songs and movie scripts. But apparently Nina Reeves took at few pages from those books.

In Port Charles, there’s and increased amount of tension around town. Paths cross, and bridges burn while whispers are heard at every turn. Actually, it would be easier if the lies and deceit stayed outside the family walls. Fighting among enemies isn’t ideal but it’s better than fighting one of your own. Such as when your nephew outsmarts you in a business deal. Because of him, you own one less share of the family business! Uh oh!

Undoubtedly, secrets, betrayals, and deception consume Port Charles. Each and every family is involved in some type of scandal or another. Mostly, these scandals are business related but with personal roots. Over at the Quartermaine’s, Tracy’s cut-throat business tactics cause damage beyond recognition. But what changes drastically isn’t those business rivals that she hopes to shoot down. Instead, Tracy used and manipulated her own granddaughter. Now her relationship with Brook Lynn is forever changed. And all of this is over Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring).

Meanwhile, as Granny Tracy (Jane Elliot) and BLQ’s relationship suffers, Willow and Nina slowly begin to grow closer. Family fills the Quartermaine mansion despite the drama and chaos that goes on. And lately Willow’s become a bit more comfortable with having her mother around. But how long will this walk in the park last before Nina’s secrets blow her chances with her daughter?

Currently, multiple families suffer from the impact the Corinthos mob drama has on anyone who gets in the way. Sadly, Drew Cain Cameron Mathison) actively feels the weight of his connection to Carly and the mob. Moreover, his loved ones believe that his entire situation was all for political gain. Although he doesn’t place blame on her or Sonny whatsoever. Drew wants to know who turned them in.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Nina grows increasingly anxious about her SEC secret. Understandably so since what she has done is a doozy! While most GH fans worry about Sonny’s reaction when he learns that his fiancés tipped off the SEC, we can’t forget about Willow.

According to GH spoilers, Nina faces Sonny and Willow upon the SEC bombshell reveal. Drew and Willow’s relationship has always been strong. Then, Drew sprung into action to help in any way. That’s when he went to Greenland to rescue Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) from Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). He risked his life to save Willow’s and the others, and Willow couldn’t be more grateful. Consequently, it’s just like Nina to self destruct, crash, burn, and then… blame CARLY for all of her life’s failures. Did Nina already lose Willow before they even get off the runaway?