Wow, Even Great for a Monday.

Tracey Quartermaine makes me giggle!!! I loved when she was talking about her present from Edward when she was 5. Monica just had to antagonize as always. Skittles! The Q’s are great.  Awwww Luke was sooo darn funny remembering Spanky Buns’ birthday… and the gift, HILARIOUS. Poor Tracey!

I never really got why so many people love John McBain or thought he was sexy. I get that he has nice eyes and a raspy voice but nothing ever really made me think twice about him. Until he came to see Alexis and Sam was there. The way he was looking at her from outside the door way, the way he told her she could confide in him, dang! I see it now. He still really isn’t my thing entirely but if he keeps saying things like that and being so thoughtful and considerate he just may move up my list.  However, I do NOT appreciate the insinuation of he him and Sam getting together. LEAVE JaSam alone! I really just won’t those two, well, those 3 (baby Morgan) to be a happy little family.  The writers should be able to create entertaining drama for them without jeopardizing their marriage.

Oooh boy Heather Webber is one ginormous nut job! I swear back in the day she had a crazy nick name but for the life of me I cannot remember. If anyone remembers please comment! She really knows how to stir things up around PC. I can feel Olivia’s disgust! If I were her I don’t think I could stand for that. An ultimatum would definitely be in order.  If Steve was smart, he would realize that Heather is most likely going to plot for Olivia’s demise.  Oliva should be running for the hills!

Oh JaSam, how I wish you could over come all your troubles and have a care free pregnancy. I think she really needs to just tell Jason ASAP. I don’t think she’s a liar or betraying him and I also don’t think that is what she was doing when she made the decision not to tell him about Robin. Sam does things out of care and concern for her husband and what she believes is in his best interest. I think Jason needs to let go of that power trip and realize his wife is doing what she does out of love.

Connie? Kate? …Vicki? Nicki? Whoever she may be, the actress is doing a fabulous job with playing those two parts! Way to go Kelly Sullivan. John and Anna are going to have a tough time figuring this one out.

Oh bombshell! The look on Michael’s face when Carly told him she and Johnny Z. are an item!