Teresa Castillo (Sabrina Santiago) Perform “Chains” For Fans! “An Ode to Carlina”

Well we all know how talented Teresa Castillo is after hearing her beautiful voice displayed at General Hospital’s annual Nurses Ball event. Jeffrey Vincent Parise shows off his skills as well! Here, she and co-star Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Carlos Rivera) perform “Chains” by Nick Jonas in a Vimeo video posted by Teresa.

An ode to #Carlina #GH from TeresaLuvz on Vimeo.

General Hospital Spoilers: One Couple Decides to Get Married

This week on General Hospital is going to be insane! Starting with today’s LIVE episode, GH is about to blow your mind. Lives are threatened by danger, love is in the air, truths are about to be revealed, and desperate measures must be taken to ensure a baby’s safety.
One particular GH spoiler that hit social media is that one couple makes the decision to tie the knot. As GH spoilers reveal that Michael Corinthos Quartermaine (Chad Duell) and Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) are about to heat things up, fans can’t help but come to the theory that perhaps Michael and Sabrina will get married. This week on General Hospital, Michael and Sabrina discuss where their business relationship/friendship is actually going. Is there something more than just business? We have reason to believe that Sabrina and Michael care for each other as more than just friends. She has been there by his side during the drama with baby Avery, and the public humiliation he endured as a result of his ex girlfriend Kiki Jerome, and his own brother Morgan, setting him up.
There are so many possibilities as to who will become Port Charles’ newlyweds. Do you have any theories how how this GH spoiler will unfold? Will Patrick and Sam tie the knot before she finds out that Jake is Jason? Will Liz and Jake elope so Liz can trap her man? Let us know what you think, who could possibility want to get married at this point in time? Leave your comments below.

Lily’s Return: Is Sabrina Really Sonny and Lily’s Daughter?

The General Hospital LIVE episode last Friday left fans in awe with just about every scene. From Nikolas, Elizabeth, and Hayden, to Sam and Jake, Anna, Sabrina, and Carlos, to Nina and Franco… but at the end of the episode, fans got a huge shock! It was a blast from the past to see General Hospital’s Lily Rivera (Lilly Melgar) roll the credits of Friday’s show.
Lilly Melgar played Sonny’s love interest, wife, and mother of his unborn child, Lily Rivera. Sonny (Maurice Benard) lost his wife and unborn child to a car bomb that was set up by her own father, Sonny being the target.
The death of Lily had a huge part in making Sonny’s character who he is today. The tragic event has toxified his love life, causing him to resist with all serious relationships, fearing the worst. The whole reason Sonny left Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) at the altar is because he was afraid that everyone he gets close to will die.
Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) and Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise, coincidentally with the same last name as Lily), have been romantically involved for many years. Sabrina came to Port Charles with the story that her mother was a nurse, but has passed away. General Hospital rumors are floating around, claiming that Sabrina’s story about her mom is untrue, and that she is actually the daughter of Lily Rivera and Sonny Corinthos. Did Sonny’s wife and child actually die that night in the car bomb, or have they surfaced, alive and well, decades later?
Check out the tweet from GH actress Lilly Melgar, as she uses the hashtag #wearefamily

Watch The Haunted Starlets Nurses Ball Performance “Dear, Future Husband” Here!

This year’s GH Nurses Ball has out out all the stops when it comes to pure entertainment. If you missed even a moment of Nurses Ball 2015, be sure to catch it all the action! You can start here by watching the beautiful ladies of Port Charles in their singing and dancing number, “Dear, Future Husband.” Lead by Nurse Sabrina Santiago, Ellie Trout, Maxie Jones, Lulu Spencer Falconeri, Valerie Spencer, and Sam Morgan, lighten up the crowd with their fun loving song and dance.



Video by YouTube user: Michael and Sabrina Fans

General Hospital Spoilers: Ellie Returns to Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that actress Emily Wilson (Ellie Trout) has made an announcement to Soap Opera Digest that she was asked to reprise her role as the quirky, nerdy, lab genius, and girlfriend of Damian Spinelli.

As we know, Ellie and Spinelli moved to Portland Oregon for ┬áto pursue Ellie’s career. Spinelli was granted custody of his daughter, baby Georgie, and she lived with the intelligent pair. Since then, the two broke up and Spinelli has moved back to Port Charles with his daughter, and he, Georgie, and Maxie are currently back together as a family.

Ellie will make her way to Port Charles tomorrow, April 14th. Emily Wilson tells Soap Opera Digest, “I’m so excited! Ellie has such a special place in my heart and I was so happy that they’ve asked me to come back. I’ve kept in touch with Bradford (Anderson, Spinelli), and Kirsten (Storms, Maxie), Teresa (Castillo, Sabrina), and Marc (Anthony Samuel, Felix), but everyone there feels like family to me at this point. It was such a great feeling to walk back into the building!”

Maxie has finally given in to her feelings to her old flame, her essential person, Spinelli. Now that Ellie is back in the picture, will she be a threat to their relationship?

A Surpsise Wedding? Will Sabrina Marry Michael?

Michael’s behavior has been spinning out of control since he learned that his adoptive father, Sonny Corinthos murdered his biological father, AJ Quartermaine. His mother, Carly, kept the secret from her son, as did Morgan and Kiki. Michael feels betrayed by everyone he loves and now he is acting out of anger. He wants revenge against Sonny and nothing is off limits, not even an innocent baby.

Baby Avery, Sonny and Ava’s daughter had been in the care of Sonny after he was pardoned from prison since her mother, Ava is presumed dead. Michael claims he wants to protect Avery from Sonny’s mobster life and so he sought out to get custody of his adoptive sister.

Now that Michael has Avery and has spitefully nicknamed her AJ, he may need a mother figure in Avery’s life. Sabrina and Michael have been hanging out a lot together lately, and Sabrina seems to be very fond of babies.

General Hospital rumors hint that Michael and Sabrina may be tying the knot. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Michael has a proportion for Sabrina.

Will these two make a good couple? Do you think Michael will take his scheming to that level? Watch GH weekdays at 2PM Eastern to find out what happens next.

Teresa Castillo OUT?! Will Sabrina’s New Attitude Lead Her Right Out of Port Charles?

General Hospital’s Teresa Castillo (Sabrina Santiago) has recently returned to work after being on maternity leave this past Summer. She and her husband, Shane Aaron welcomed their first baby, Victoria, on May 29th, 2014. When her character Sabrina Santiago left Port Charles, she went to Puerto Rico to be with her cousin Juan Santiago (Michael Saucedo) and the rest of her family to aide in the grieving process after losing her infant son, Gabriel. While she was away, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson), the father of Sabrina’s baby, did some investigating with P.I. pal, Samantha Morgan (Kelly Monaco). They set out to find answers to who drove the car off the road, causing Sabrina to go into premature labor and ultimately the death of her baby boy. When Sabrina returned, Patrick had some answers for her regarding the crash, as did her ex-fiance Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise). When Sabrina went to visit Carlos in jail, he revealed to her that he thinks Ava Jerome (Maura West) was the one who put Rafe (Jimmy Deshler) up to running them off the road.

Sabrina has a new personality since she has been back to Port Charles. After learning from Patrick that someone was deliberately trying to hurt them, and Carlos telling her that Ava was involved, Sabrina has a one track mind on revenge. Since she thinks that Ava is the one who told Rafe to cause the accident, Sabrina wants revenge on Ava and her unborn child. She is headed down a dark path, and acting like a completely different person. What does this mean for Sabrina’s future?

General Hospital Rumors say that this change in character is leading her right out of Port Charles. It has been rumored that actress Teresa Castillo will be leaving General Hospital, and this new story line with Sabrina is just the way the writers are going to prepare for her exit.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated with any information regarding the possible exit of Teresa Castillo. At this point there as been no confirmation of this news.



Photo from: soapcentral.com


Sabrina is Out for Revenge!

Sabrina Santiago is back in Port Charles as of last week. She just returned from Puerto Rico, where she spent time with her family in hopes that being with family would help her through the grieving process after losing her baby son, Gabriel. Since she has been back, she has already had to deal with facing this tragic event all over again. Patrick let Sabrina in on what went on while she was away. He informed her that Rafe Kovich, Sam’s foster son, was the one behind the wheel of the car that drove them off the road. In this short time, she also learned that Rafe has since passed away, and that Rafe supposedly was put up to the task, meaning someone deliberately wanted to hurt Patrick, Sabrina, and their family.

Nurse Santiago has always been the sweet as pie, doesn’t step on anyone’s toes type of girl. She has been completely selfless and generous when it comes to love, she was able to walk away with her head held high when Patrick chose Robin when Robin returned on their wedding day. She has always handled heartbreak with grace and dignity. But how much can one person take before they snap? Sabrina showed signs of vulnerability after she lost baby Gabriel. She went into sort of a denial/delusional state after he passed away, thinking that the day of the funeral was actually her wedding day to Patrick. Thankfully she has an amazing support system in Felix DuBois, Patrick Drake, Elizabeth Webber, Epiphany Johnson, and even Carlos Rivera.

Sabrina wants answers to who would do this to her Patrick, and wants revenge against the person who is responsible for her baby’s death. In the upcoming weeks, Sabrina learns more information that involves who is responsible for the accident. She is determined to not only get clearer answers, but she is seeking revenge on the person(s) who set this all in motion. While Sabrina is out trying to get her revenge, will she ruffle more feathers and put herself and loved ones in more danger? Will her involvement in trying to figure this out drive her past the brink?

Teresa Castillo Talks About Her Return to GH After Baby

General Hospital’s Teresa Castillo originated the role of Sabrina Santiago almost two years ago. Sabrina came to Port Charles in September of 2012 as a student in the nursing program at General Hospital. She has had a rough go at her time in PC with work, love, and life in general. Sabrina has become a very well loved character among the fan bases.

Recently Teresa Castillo departed General Hospital for her maternity leave. In a recent Soaps Opera Digest interview, Castillo talks about her return to the set of General Hospital after the birth of her first baby. Teresa’s daughter Victoria Milani was born on May 29, 2014. “I’ve really enjoyed being home with my girl and just snuggling her all day.” Castillo discloses. She is also very excited to be back at work with her GH family. “I’m excited to see what Ron (Head Writer) has planned for the next chapter in Sabrina’s journey.”

So what’s in store for Sabrina after the loss of her baby boy Gabriel? Will she and Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) rekindle their love or will Sabrina find love with Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) or someone new?

Look for Sabrina to return to Port Charles in just a few weeks. Her first air date since maternity leave is scheduled for August 21, 2014.

Will Patrick Fall for Sam and Still Keep the Secret About Jason?

Sam and Patrick have been friends for a long time. They have been there for each other through the hard times. Patrick was the one who operated on Jason when his life was hanging in the balance. He saved Jason for Sam and only Sam. At that time, Patrick blamed Jason for the death of Robin, as she was trying to come up with a cure for Jason in the lab when it blew up. Dr. Drake was hesitant to perform surgery on Jason to due the nature of his career. He felt that Jason’s life wasn’t worth saving until Sam stepped in and pleaded with him to save Jason so she wouldn’t be left without a husband.

Sam was there for Patrick when he needed a shoulder to lean on when he was trying to let go of Robin in order to move on with Sabrina. Patrick gave Sam advice when she was unsure about her relationship with Silas. Sam also was in Patrick’s corner when Robin decided to leave him and Emma shortly after finally being reunited with her family. Unknowingly to Sam, Robin is away trying to save Jason’s life and Patrick is keeping the secret from Sam.

Patrick has recently suffered the tragedy of losing his son in a car accident. His good friend and P.I. Sam, has been helping him through it all emotional as well as aiding in the investigation to find out who caused their car to run off the road. Through this journey together, Patrick and Sam have grown much closer. They found out that the car that ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road belonged to Silas, and the one driving the night of the accident was Rafe. Rafe is Silas’ nephew and Sam’s foster son. Sam is even standing by Patrick after the operation on Rafe took a turn for the worse which left her foster son brain dead.

As Sam and Patrick grow closer, they may even fall in love. However, Patrick is keeping a very large secret from Sam. Will Patrick’s guilt keep him from taking a step towards a romantic relationship with Sam? Or will Patrick fall in love with her just as Jason is due to return to Port Charles?

If Sam and Patrick begin a romantic relationship, when it comes out that Patrick has known this whole time that Jason could possibly be brought back to her, it is hard to believe that Sam would ever forgive him. Perhaps Patrick should come clean before they get involved romantically.

Is Samtrick a good idea? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.