General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia’s New Job Confuses GH Fans- Filler Story Or The Beginning Of Something Unexpected?!

Felicia’s new job at GH Felicia and Stella patient advocate
Stella’s new job

Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) has chosen Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) as her guide. Not long ago, Felicia made a decision to embark on a new life journey. She reflected on her life’s accomplishments, shortcomings, and even some regrets. That’s when she entertained the idea to shadow Stella over at General Hospital.

Recent General Hospital spoilers indicate that Felicia is read for a new kind of fulfillment, and she seeks it out in social work. Becoming a patient advocate is important her next step toward a different lifestyle. Since she can remember, Felicia has known herself to be an adventurer and a thrill seeker through her work as a WSB agent.

Before becoming a grandmother to Maxie’s three children Felicia lived a risky life. Consequently, many of her spy missions kept her from her family. Maxie and her children are Felicia and Mac Scorpio’s (John J. York) world. She’s happy help Maxie whenever she she’s in need. Of course, spending time with family is very important to Felicia. But now she has found another important outlet through her new job at the hospital.

Felicia and Esme GH

According to the latest GH rumors, Felicia’s new direction is a nice change. And while her intentions are in the right place, this position as a patient advocate might not cut it for a someone like Felicia. That is, unless one of the patient’s that Felicia is assigned to leads her to another mission. Or something along those lines.

GH spoilers tease that although Felicia’s new job at GH as a patient advocate starts out slow and seemingly uneventful, (in the sense that she isn’t out saving Port Charles from disaster), something makes her feel right at home. Certainly, Stella and Felicia’s job at the hospital isn’t something to overlook. Helping patients connect with their doctor and to understand their condition is an essential part of medical care.

However, many GH spoilers and rumors tease that when something big arises, Felicia also rises to the occasion. Apparently Felicia is just the person this patient needs.

General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Suspects Valentin Is Cheating

Anna suspects Valentin cheats with Nina
Anna suspects Valentin is cheating

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) isn’t shy about who he loves. When that man loves a woman, he lets the world know. Honestly, Valentin is the last person to be suspected of cheating on his woman. Out of all the people in Port Charles, Anna’s secure in her relationship. Valentin has been openly in love with Anna for years, so there was never a reason to believe he’d be unfaithful.

Anna is going through a lot right now while she tries to uncover her mysterious threat. Every passing day adds more fear and more confusion despite the investigation. In fact, she is more confused than ever. While the arson attack indicates that Anna’s enemy is a professional, the other strange incidents don’t align. Plus, Valentin has given Anna false information regarding the security footage.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Anna’s suspicions about Valentin intensify. She can’t quite put her finger on it, but she knows he’s still hiding things from her. Is it Pikeman? Is it the WSB? Previously, she and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) tossed around the idea that the two could be connected.

According to GH spoilers, Anna suspects Valentin is cheating with Nina. He’s not acting like himself, being evasion and even aloof in conversation. GH rumors hint that Charlotte has something to do with Anna’s new inkling about Valentin. Will she call him out? Or maybe Nina gets a visit from Sonny’s friend Anna.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny and Nina’s Wedding Day Is Almost Here! Sonny’s Too Distracted To Notice The Red Flags

Sonny and Nina’s upcoming wedding
Sonny and Nina’s upcoming wedding

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to life in Port Charles. Drama and chaos is at a constant flow, streaming through the entire city. At times, a surge will come through Port Charles like a tidal wave, causing mayhem among the city’s residents. Usually, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is at the forefront in some way, shape or form.

Currently, Sonny and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) seem to be the main targets in what they believe could be connection. Perhaps between Pikeman and the WSB? Anyways, that means that Sonny is quite busy protecting his loved ones while trying to get to the bottom of this. Moreover, he and his fiancé Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) are getting married!

According to GH spoilers and rumors, Sonny and Nina’s wedding day is coming up quickly. Admidst the mob drama, Nina keeps more secrets from Sonny. Not only is she the one who tipped off the SEC, but now she knows exactly who is doing creepy things to Anna. Of course, Sonny’s too distracted with Anna, and now Sasha and Gladys, so he’s bound to overlook some red flags. So will Nina marry the man of her dreams while he’s none the wiser of her secrets? GH rumors tease that Sonny and Nina’s upcoming wedding exposes the truth as relationships end and new ones begin.

General Hospital Spoilers: Charlotte Fabricates Cheating Evidence- Breaks Up Nina and Sonny, and Valentin and Anna

Charlotte fabricates Valentin’s cheating allegations Nina Anna Sonny
Charlotte fabricates Valentin’s cheating allegations

There’s no use in denying it, it’s the sign of the times. No matter which break up rumor is closest to the truth, Sonny and Nina inevitably meet the end of the road. Nina’s lies alone are enough to send a Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) packing.

Recently, Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) began showing signs of her dark Cassadine bloodline. This isn’t the first time the young teen behaviorWhen the trust is gone, it’s gone. General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Anna and Sonny become suspicious of their partners. The mob boss and the WSB agent’s public friendship dates way back despite practicing on opposites sides of the law.

Whether they play by the rules or let things slide, organized crime made exceptions for Anna Devane, as Anna used her authority to let certain details fall through the cracks for her friend Sonny. Coincidentally, Anna’s boyfriend Valentin happens to be close friends with Sonny’s fiancé Nina, who plan to marry rather soon. Prior she snagged up Port Charles’s favorite coffee importer, GH recaps recall a time when Nina was romantically involved with Valentin Cassadine. Sadly, their romance ended after Valentin and Sasha’s big betrayal. Thankfully, they’ve come along way since then, and remain close friends.

Charlotte Fabricates Cheating Evidence

According to GH spoilers Charlotte uses these adult friendships to fabricate cheating evidence. Now this could go one of two ways. One, Charlotte might make it look as though Anna is cheating on Valentin with Sonny. News of that caliber is sure to cause earthquake sized tremors within Valentin’s relationship as well as Sonny and Nina’s. Two, little Helena in training might frame her own father. If Anna believes that Valentin and Nina have something going on, she won’t stick around for that.

Of all the things that Nina has done and the lies she’s told, who would have thought that she’d go down like this? Will a child’s fabricated cheating scandal be the end of Sonny and Nina? So long as Valentin and Anna break up, Charlotte isn’t concerned with how the others are discarded. All she cares about is getting Papa to herself. To clarify, Charlotte is determined to get rid of Anna by any means necessary.

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Lies To Anna, Dante Finds The Truth- How Bad Does This Get For Vanna?!

Dante discovers Valentin’s lies

Dante discovers Valentin’s lies! Let’s just say that Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) has faced simpler times. Obviously, this rockstar has been through it all, and has come out on top. Still, there comes a time when enough is enough. But when it comes to Anna, there’s no rest for the wicked.

Finally, Anna was looking forward to settling down with the man she lives and who has loved her for years upon years. Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) had his sights set on Anna for the longest time. First, he was out for revenge as he thought Anna’s sister Alex’s doings were Anna’s. In the end, Valentin got the girl.

According to the latest GH recaps, Anna confessed her love. At last, Anna felt at ease. However, General Hospital spoilers and rumors indicate that Anna may regret allowing herself to fall for Valentin. It took her what seemed like forever to admit how she feels. But alas, GH rumors claim that her timing is most unfortunate. Her admission precedes a devastating revelation. Anna’s man, Valentin Cassadine, kept his involvement and knowledge of Pikeman to himself for months. Therefore, it’s only natural to wonder why he’d hide this from Anna, along with what else he could be hiding. GH rumors tease that Dante discovers Valentin’s lies. How will Anna come to terms with the truth?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jerry Jacks Links Sonny and Anna, Valentin, The WSB, and PIKEMAN

Jerry Jacks is Pikeman WSB Anna Valentin Sonny Pikeman

Jerry Jacks is Pikeman!?! …What do Sonny (Maurice Benard), Anna (Finola Hughes), Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), and the WSB all have in common? Surprisingly, it’s not what, but who. Someone connects Sonny and Anna. Therefore, the question isn’t which one of them was the target.

Currently, the two biggest mysteries in Port Charles involve Sonny Corinthos and Anna Devane. In a shocking turn, an evening at the Metro Court turned into one family and an entire town’s nightmare. The PCPD, along with Sonny and Anna, believe that the bullet that left Curtis Ashford paralyzed was meant for either of them. Dante has been wracking his brain for the answered. Who was the bullet meant for, as well as, who did it?!

Moreover, according to the latest GH spoilers and rumors, the bullet may have been meant for both the former WSB agent and accused traitor, as well as PC’s mob boss. But who would want to take down both Sonny and Anna? Well, GH history recalls a certain villain. Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roché) was Jasper “Jax” Jack’s iniquitous brother. He had connections to the WSB, Cassadines, hated Sonny, and is an illegal arms dealer! Now, one thing comes to mind when thinking about Jerry Jacks… Pikeman!

General Hospital Spoilers: Victor Knows Anna’s Secret, Exposes Her Past Crimes

Victor exposes Anna’s crimes

Victor exposes Anna’s crimes! Although Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) is dead, the effects of his devious scheme linger. In some outlandish plot to eliminate most of the population, Victor endangered the lives of even his own family. Everyone is expendable, and if you’re not his ally, you’re is enemy.

The Cassadine family is infamous for their inflated sense of power over others. Generally, the family members have a dark side, with the capability of anything- even from beyond the grave. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the invited gather together for the reading of Victor’s will. Historically, the Spencer family has always been the Cassadine’s arch enemy.

Despite the death of elder Cassadine’s, there’s always at least one who is willing to risk it all for world domination. Victor served as this generation’s darkest Cassadine, turning on and almost killing his own son. So if he was willing to sacrifice his own son, his son’s lady love and his own enemy is no big deal. Anna Devane was in that way, and now she’s a target. According to GH spoilers, Victor exposes Anna’s crimes. A cryptic message from Victor’s will leaves her shaken. Anna’s shady past as both a DVX and WSB agent come to the surface! Now, GH spoilers and rumors tease that the WSB arrests Anna!

General Hospital Spoilers: Help Is On The Way! Felicia Calls Frisco To Join The Rescue Crew, Jack Wagner Returns As Frisco Jones

Felicia calls Frisco Frisco Jones Jack Wagner returns

Felicia calls Frisco to return! …Help is on the way! Since the 1970s, the WSB has embarked on countless spy missions, leading to many successful rescues. Sean Donnelly was head of the WSB, though each and every member was and is essential. Throughout the years, members of The World Security Bureau became a very close group, creating lifelong ties.

Currently, innocent lives are at stake. As Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) predicted, Port Charles spy legends have seen it all. And in all their mission, dealing with the Cassadine’s has been their greatest challenges. From Mikkos to Stavros, Helena to Victor, and much more, at this stage, The WSB’s experience speaks for itself. However, not all members are currently active as agents. Therefore, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) reaches out to a personal connection for help.

Felicia Calls Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) ??

Meanwhile, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Holly Sutton (Emma Samms), Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), Laura Spencer, Mac Scorpio (John J. York) are a some among the spies working to take down Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). Despite the legendary list of spies, it looks like additional help is necessary.

According to recent General Hospital previews, Felicia reaches out to a personal contact regarding the dire situation. Victor Cassadine has become completely unhinged. I mean, are we surprised? The Cassadine’s are known for their outlandish plots and wild ways to take over the world. Now, the brave agents set out to the Haunted Star in hopes of rescuing the innocent lives Victor has taken hostage. But, it looks like more help is needed. That’s why Felicia calls Frisco to return to his duties and help stop Victor before it’s too late. GH comings and goings updates haven’t made mention of Jack Wagner’s potential return. Please keep checking in for updates!

General Hospital Spoilers: When It Comes To Dante’s Doctor, Someone Else Is Pulling The Strings

Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) is locked up in a WSB facility receiving treatment for his PTSD.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed Dante’s Doctor (Christopher Cousins), is the one who rescinded Dante’s green light to go home and work on the mission the WSB has assigned him.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Dante’s Doctor was discussing the situation with someone who seemed to be an authority figure. Someone who desperately wants Dante to go home.

General Hospital rumors hint Dante’s life is in danger. Although his doctor doesn’t want to, he is being instructed to do something that “has to be done.” General Hospital rumors suggest Dante is being sent home prematurely, by the order of this “higher up.”

Several General Hospital rumors have been circulating as possible predictions for who is pulling the strings. For now, we’ll just let time roll by and get a little closer to figuring it out!

General Hospital Spoilers: Dante’s Release Rescinded, Dante Breaks Out Of WSB Facility

Now that Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) is ready to get out of the WSB medical wing of the facility, General Hospital spoilers and previews show Dante’s doctor informed him that his release has been rescinded.

Dante is supposed to be put on assignment, investigating someone who has been said to be, “close to home.” Previous General Hospital rumors hint that he could be sent to investigate school teacher, and boyfriend of Dante’s ex wife Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan), Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson).

General Hospital spoilers reliable Dante will become angry enough at the news that he will break out of the facility and take matters into his own hands.

General Hospital rumors hint that there’s more behind Dante’s doctor and his motives that realized. GH rumors claim he could be working for the enemy, and that could be why he is holding back now from letting Dante go back to Port Charles.