General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia’s New Job Confuses GH Fans- Filler Story Or The Beginning Of Something Unexpected?!

Felicia’s new job at GH Felicia and Stella patient advocate
Stella’s new job

Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) has chosen Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) as her guide. Not long ago, Felicia made a decision to embark on a new life journey. She reflected on her life’s accomplishments, shortcomings, and even some regrets. That’s when she entertained the idea to shadow Stella over at General Hospital.

Recent General Hospital spoilers indicate that Felicia is read for a new kind of fulfillment, and she seeks it out in social work. Becoming a patient advocate is important her next step toward a different lifestyle. Since she can remember, Felicia has known herself to be an adventurer and a thrill seeker through her work as a WSB agent.

Before becoming a grandmother to Maxie’s three children Felicia lived a risky life. Consequently, many of her spy missions kept her from her family. Maxie and her children are Felicia and Mac Scorpio’s (John J. York) world. She’s happy help Maxie whenever she she’s in need. Of course, spending time with family is very important to Felicia. But now she has found another important outlet through her new job at the hospital.

Felicia and Esme GH

According to the latest GH rumors, Felicia’s new direction is a nice change. And while her intentions are in the right place, this position as a patient advocate might not cut it for a someone like Felicia. That is, unless one of the patient’s that Felicia is assigned to leads her to another mission. Or something along those lines.

GH spoilers tease that although Felicia’s new job at GH as a patient advocate starts out slow and seemingly uneventful, (in the sense that she isn’t out saving Port Charles from disaster), something makes her feel right at home. Certainly, Stella and Felicia’s job at the hospital isn’t something to overlook. Helping patients connect with their doctor and to understand their condition is an essential part of medical care.

However, many GH spoilers and rumors tease that when something big arises, Felicia also rises to the occasion. Apparently Felicia is just the person this patient needs.