Tracy Finally Realizes Her Husband is a FAKE

The wool has been pulled over Tracy’s eyes for far too long.  Fans have been asking, “How can she be this clueless?” After years of being close to and intimate with Luke Spencer, it’s pretty strange that Tracy hasn’t noticed that her husband isn’t actually her husband. Fake Luke, aka Fluke has been duping Tracy Quartermaine for months now and it is about time that she come to her senses. We all see what we want to see when in love, and perhaps that is why Tracy turns a blind eye to all the red flags that have been right in front of her regarding Luke’s behaviors.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the straw that breaks the camels back is when Luke doesn’t even come home when he learns that his daughter Lulu Spencer Falconeri has been kidnapped. Tracy knows how much Luke loves Lulu, and how the real Luke would stop at nothing to bring her home safely.

In a recent Soaps in Depth interview, GH Head Writer, Ron Carlivati states, “Her questions about Luke are growing. Lulu’s missing and where the hell is Luke? He makes excuses, but Tracy is really determined to find him and find out why he’s not there when his family needs him.”

It seems as though Tracy may finally see the light when it comes to Fluke. Hopefully she will start putting all the pieces together. If and when she does, will the other residents of Port Charles believe her? What will it take for everyone to finally realize that Luke isn’t really himself?

We won’t be finding out who the impostor Luke is until Fall, possibly in October when Tony Geary returns from medical leave. In the mean time, Luke’s family and friends can start adding things up and figuring out what is really going on.

Let us know where you think this is headed.