The Truth is Out About the Baby, Now What?

Now that Spinelli and Maxie have owned up to the lie that baby Connie was Dante and Lulu’s but is actually their baby, what happens next? For months, Lulu and Dante have prepared for their baby and loved her from the moment everything was set in motion. This whole time they were led to believe that Connie was indeed their baby that their best friend, Maxie was carrying for them. Although Maxie’s intentions were purely out of love, Lulu and Dante have had their hearts ripped out and unable to see things from Maxie’s perspective. It seems as if Lulu isn’t going to give up baby Connie without a fight, and Maxie and Spinelli don’t know what to do next. Will they try to get their daughter back?

Both woman broke my heart today in their emotional performances. I see both sides, but I do have to say, I may feel a little more sorry for Maxie. Although I do understand where Lante are coming from, and I see how they are not able to see past the fact that Maxie has lied, and turned their world upside down. This is heart wrenching for all parties involved. Maxie had every intention of giving her best friends a miracle baby, and when she miscarried, she didn’t have the heart to tell them their dreams of having a child had been lost. When Maxie found out she was already pregnant with Spinelli’s baby, she was willing to give up her own child, for the happiness of her friend. That in my opinion, is one of the most selfless things any person could ever do.

So my question to all General Hospital fans is this, who do you sympathize with, Maxie or Lulu and Dante? Please comment below and let us know what you think.