Victor Cassadine Was the One Behind the Accident, Did He Have an Accomplice?

One General Hospital mystery finally solved! On yesterday’s (August 7th) episode of General Hospital, Victor Cassadine revealed to Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake that HE in deed was the person responsible for causing Patrick’s accident that ultimately killed baby Gabriel. His intention was to prove his authority to Robin and let her know that he has the power to hurt her family if she doesn’t follow his rules at the Crichton-Clark Clinic. He divulged almost all the information fans have been waiting to hear for months. He explained that it was he who set the accident in motion, and that he put Rafe up to driving Patrick, Sabrina and Emma off the road by telling Rafe there was a possibility his Mother Alison Barrington, was still alive. Robin asked him how he even knew “that poor boy” and he gave a sketchy response.

Soon after Robin and Victor’s conversation, the scene cut to Nina. It would make sense that Victor has an accomplice to explain how he got his hands on Rafe to talk him into doing something like that. It sure seems like Nina and Victor know one another since she was also at the Crichton-Clark Clinic when she was recovering from her supposed coma. Did Victor use Nina to get to Rafe? When Silas told Nina the news he had just heard from Molly, that Rafe told her someone put him up to it, Nina has a strange look on her face as if she were guilty.

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