Zachary Garred’s Possible Return As One Of GH’s Most Hated Villains!

General Hospital has had many villains come an go over the decades. However, not many of them made such an impact as the more recent villain that swept into Port Charles unannounced, caused quite a stir with not only the GH audience, but also on-screen with the other General Hospital characters. The residents in Port Charles new there was something very off about Maxie Jones’ (Kirsten Storms) new friend. She brought him back home with her after she went on her Eat, Pray, Love, journey of self discovery. She was totally under his spell. Maximista was no longer a fashionista, but she was an anti-meat eating, inner spirit seeking, yogi. Levi Dunkleman caused some serious reactions with GH fans and friends and family of Maxie.

In his time away from General Hospital, Zachary continued his acting career with taking part in a Christmas film auditioning, and guest starring on a few TV series.

A couple months back, the executives over at General Hospital sent out a tweet to actor, Zachary Garred, telling him that they wanted to call him back for some time a GH, but unfortunately, he was back in Australia at that time.

In recent GH news, General Hospital spoilers reveal that actor Zachary Garred hopes that his character, Levi Dunkleman aka Peter Harrell can return to the canvas. His death was sort of left open-ended. Although Maxie thinks that Levi was dead, with all the craziness that goes on, it is uncertain whether or not he will turn up alive.

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