Zachary Garred’s Possible Return As One Of GH’s Most Hated Villains!

General Hospital has had many villains come an go over the decades. However, not many of them made such an impact as the more recent villain that swept into Port Charles unannounced, caused quite a stir with not only the GH audience, but also on-screen with the other General Hospital characters. The residents in Port Charles new there was something very off about Maxie Jones’ (Kirsten Storms) new friend. She brought him back home with her after she went on her Eat, Pray, Love, journey of self discovery. She was totally under his spell. Maximista was no longer a fashionista, but she was an anti-meat eating, inner spirit seeking, yogi. Levi Dunkleman caused some serious reactions with GH fans and friends and family of Maxie.

In his time away from General Hospital, Zachary continued his acting career with taking part in a Christmas film auditioning, and guest starring on a few TV series.

A couple months back, the executives over at General Hospital sent out a tweet to actor, Zachary Garred, telling him that they wanted to call him back for some time a GH, but unfortunately, he was back in Australia at that time.

In recent GH news, General Hospital spoilers reveal that actor Zachary Garred hopes that his character, Levi Dunkleman aka Peter Harrell can return to the canvas. His death was sort of left open-ended. Although Maxie thinks that Levi was dead, with all the craziness that goes on, it is uncertain whether or not he will turn up alive.

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Maxie’s Wedding Disaster!

No everyone, I am not just talking about that disaster of a hideous wedding dress! (Which Kirsten actually looked gorgeous in anyways). I am talking about what happened to poor Maxie on her wedding day. But really, did we expect anything else? First of all, this is Port Charles, it is very rare that a wedding goes off without a snag. Secondly, we all knew Levi was a con artist, but what we didn’t know is how dangerous and determined to get those Aztec jewels that he really is. Even his immigration officer is a fake! Who saw that one coming? Now that Levi has Maxie, and the immigration officer has Lulu at gun point, will Dante and Nathan be able to save their women from these evil sleeze bags?

This raises a very important question… who are they working for? In a previous article, we mentioned that actor Zachary Garred) told Michael Fairman in an interview, that his father is someone who has ties to Port Charles. Can you take a guess as to who that might be? Perhaps the Aztec jewels are a small portion of a very large operation. Some say his Father is the one and only ‘James Craig’ aka Jerry Jacks. What do you think? Let us know by sharing and commenting!


Levi’s Motives REVEALED! …and With NO Accent!

Levi really had us all fooled. Ever since the scene where he called the court and told the judge that Nathan lied and was covering for Maxie, fans wondered if he really had the accent and dropped it to disguise his voice for the call, or if he had no accent at all. Today we found out that his entire identity has been a facade. The man is a phony! He isn’t even Australian at all. Rumors had been circulating that Levi’s deeper reason for being in Port Charles was a possible connection with Jerry Jacks. Some even thought Levi could have been Jerry’s son. Well since he isn’t even Australian, that pretty much shoots down that possibility. As previously posted, Zachary Garred (Levi Dunkleman) mentioned in an interview with Michael Fairman, that he is definitely connected to someone in PC, and that someone is his Father.

It’s good to know that Dante, Lulu, Mac, and Nathan are all suspicious of Levi, but what is mind boggling is how gullible Felicia is. Hopefully Dante and Nathan can work together to take Levi down before Maxie marries him and he gets closer to Felicia’s Aztec fortune.

Will Nathan save Maxie from making the biggest mistake of her life?

Nathan and Dante Team Up to Uncover Levi’s Lies! Watch the Clip!

Maxie just cannot see through Levi’s deceit. Dunkleman is a snake and everyone knows he is up to no good… except for Maxie. Maxie is being manipulated by his schemes and we have yet to find out his real purpose in Port Charles. Spoilers have indicated that Levi is in town for far more than a relationship with Maxie. Maxie is just a pawn in his little game to bring him closer to someone or something in Port Charles.

Mac strongly dislikes him and he has tried to talk some sense into Maxie but she is too blinded. By what you ask? Yeah, we aren’t sure because it definitely isn’t his charm or wit. Lulu is skeptical of him as well. Nathan down right hates Levi, and not only because Nathan is falling for Maxie, but because he truly believes that Dunkleman is up to no good. Levi and his underhanded scheming need to take a one way trip right out of town. Levi getting deported would have been a great relief to Mac and Nathan. However, we all know that Nathan wasn’t the one who called immigration on Levi. Just as Levi disguised his voice to call the court house and tattle on Nathan for lying to the judge, he disguised his voice and called immigration on himself! Levi wants Nathan out of the picture and there’s no better way to do it than to make him look bad in front of Maxie. Levi is about to give Maxie the sob story of his life. In recent previews, it shows Levi telling Maxie that if he gets deported back to Australia, he will go to prison. This will then lead to Maxie and Levi planning to get married in order to keep him in the country.

Nathan wants to put a stop to Levi before he is able to hurt Maxie. He turns to Dante for help. Dante is the only other person who knows that Levi is in the US illegally. Nathan has confided in Dante about Maxie and Levi before. Now the two cops are teaming up to fit all the pieced togethr and prove that Levi is up to no good. They are on a mission to prove that Levi set Nathan up and called immigration on himself.

Check out the clip here at www.abc.go.com

General Hospital Summer Promo!

Summer in Port Charles is going to be a HOT one! There will be good times and good news for some of your favorites. From a wedding announcement, to new Summer romances, rekindling old flames, fighting feelings, and much more.

Look for Sonny and Carly trying to fight their attraction, Maxie and Nathan, Emma, Cam, and Spencer at Lila’s Kids Camp, Alexis and Julian, Robin’s return, and more excitement for the people of Port Charles.

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Is There a Connection Between Fluke, Levi, and Jerry Jacks?

The Fluke saga has been an ongoing mystery that we have been trying to solve for many months. We know that the real Luke Spencer has been drugged and locked up at miscavige where the crazy Heather Webber was institutionalized. Someone “stole” Luke’s face and is running around Port Charles living Luke’s life. He has interjected himself into Luke’s love life with Tracy, his family life with Lulu and Dante, and he is getting close to long time friend of Luke, Sonny Corinthos. Fluke is manipulating everyone in town, especially Tracy. Fluke is in this to take down Sonny and to get his hands on ELQ.

There are still many missing pieces to this puzzle, but some seem to be coming together rather nicely. Who has been ruthless and crazy with no limitations of what he is capable of ? Jerry Jacks. He has committed some completely erratic crimes in Port Charles. We know Jerry is still alive because the last time we saw him he had Bobbie held hostage on top of the Metro Court. Why was he there holding Bobbie hostage? Well because LUKE stole his cure for polonium poisoning. There is motive right there. How is Jerry Jacks involved with Julian? Well when Jerry and Luke were fighting on top pf the Metro court, we saw Jerry fall, but we also saw him get rescued and driven away by Julian Jerome.

Now… how does this tie in with the obnoxious newcomer Maxie brought back with her? Levi is an Aussie. Jerry Jacks is an Aussie. Big connection possibility right there. Levi is manipulative and deceitful and he is trying to get his mitts involved with sabotaging ELQ, just like Fluke. Could Levi be Jerry’s son? Levi quite possibly be using Maxie as his ticket into the lives of the residents in Port Charles. Inching his way into situations he doesn’t belong, he is causing trouble for everyone. On today’s episode of GH, Levi convinced Maxie to protest with him where Michael, Morgan, and Kiki are preparing for the revival of the new ELQ Brownstone project. In conversation, Maxie brought up Jerry Jacks to Levi. That right there seems like  a hint that there is a connection between the two Australians. Rumor has it that Levi is muc more sinister than we could ever imagine… not a far stretch from being related to the evil Jerry Jacks.

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What Does Levi Want with Maxie?

Ever since Maxie brought Levi to Port Charles back from her soul searching journey, he has been nothing short of controlling, sneaky, and down right annoying. He is obviously manipulating Maxie. There is some reason that Levi doesn’t want Maxie to be with her daughter Georgie. We all know that he was the one who told the judge that Nathan lied to protect her. When he made that phone call, he conveniently lost his Aussie accent. The question is, does he even have an Aussie accent at all, or did he drop his accent to disguise his voice when giving his anonymous tip to the court? Maybe he isn’t from Australia at all and perhaps he only is pretending he is to get in better with Mac. Regardless, Levi is definitely up to something. Who is he connected to? What does he want in Port Charles, and why is he deliberately sabotaging Maxie’s chances with baby Georgie?

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