Dante and Lulu Slowly Falling Apart

Fans are totally resistant to the story line that seems like it’s obviously underway. We can see that slowly but surely Dante and Lulu’s marriage will be unraveling and coming apart at the seams. They are one of the few married couples on GH that have stuck together through thick and thin. A young couple, with a toddler son, they seem like the perfect little family.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Dante and Lulu will go through some major turmoil in the near future. General Hospital rumors claim that Valerie and Dillon will break these two soul mates apart. Although Valerie isn’t purposely putting herself between Dante and her cousin Lulu, she has made her way closer to Dante inadvertently. She now works side by side with Dante at the PCPD, the two spend a lot of time together, and she stuck by his side when he was accused of being racist. Dillon is also there for Lulu, not intentionally trying to steal her away from Dante, but as a caring friend. These two share the same secret about Luke and Laura, and are both lying to people they love.

We can see it happening before Dante, Lulu, Valerie and Dillon even realize what is about to happen. Watching the destruction of Dante and Lulu’s marriage in slow motion is like torture to some GH fans, as “Lante” have a huge fan base. It’s pretty apparent that if Dante cheats on Lulu with Valerie it will be extremely out of character for this old fashioned, Italian man. It definitely won’t be intentional, Dante will most likely start feeling closer to Valerie as Lulu continues to shut him out. Although Lulu is torn up inside about lying to Dante, it must be done to protect her brother Lucky. Since Dillon is the only one she can lean on, she and Dillon may grow closer and closer, causing her to drift from her husband.

What do you think about the demise of the sweetest couple on General Hospital? Will Dante and Lulu fall apart, and will they ever find their way back to one another after all the dust settles?



Photo found on Twitter.com @LanteQuotz