General Hospital Blog News and Spoilers: GH Blog’s NEW Performer Of The Week

GH Blog’s Performer of the Week

GH Blog’s Performer of the Week!

…Hello there, General Hospital fans! Thank you for connecting with our fan site. General Hospital Blog has been around since 2011, keeping GH fans engaged in all things related to the iconic Daytime Drama.

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We want to inform fans that we are starting something new and fun! General Hospital Blog has never before posted a “Performer of the Week” section on our page. Now, the time has come! Of course, the fans are the FIRST ones who we’d want to share the details with! So here we go…

GH spoilers and rumors run rampant when it comes to TV show storylines. Additionally, GH spoilers and news regarding actors status and things and that nature tend to spread like wild fire as well. But what doesn’t always get discussed is the raw talent coming from these actors.

That being said, our Performer of the Week announcement will take place every Monday. This week, WE will choose the VERY FIRST three candidates for GH Blog’s Performer of the Week! Going forward, fans will choose among three pre-determined actors as that week’s finalists as well. Fans will get to vote (via GH Blog’s Polls) on the Friday before the Winners Announcement. Then, at the beginning of the next week (Monday), we reveal which actor was chosen by fans!

We are so excited to see who you all choose every week!