General Hospital News And Spoilers: Brando And Sasha’s Love Story Will Not Die With Him, It Will Be An Inspiration To All Who Seek Unconditional Love

We can’t deny that the death of one of our favorite characters, Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) has effected our hearts more than we could have imagined.

Sasha’s grieves for Brando and the love he gave

We feel the exact same way, Sasha. @iamsofiamattsson @johnnywactor

We are extremely heartbroken by the death of Brando Corbin.

He and Sasha would have made it for the long haul. Brando was every example of how a man should love his wife. He supported her without judgement, was her inspiration, her rock, and her everything. Stood up for her even when she was wrong because that’s his one shows their strength and unity with the person they chose to walk through life.

Brando loved Sasha completely and selflessly. He stood by her even when she was wrong, out of control, and making choices that were severely effecting both of their lives in a negative way. He loved her anyway. He got her help in her darkest hours instead of kicking her while she was down or throwing in the towel when she made mistakes.

He understood her pain and had done everything in his power to help shield her from herself and those who sought out to harm her.

A love like Brando and Sasha’s doesn’t happen every day. As fictional love stories go, many in the real world can only hope and pray to find someone who loves them so unconditionally and completely, selflessly, and sacrificially.

Their love story was epic. Let their story serve as hope for the hopeless romantics; those who just want to know they are safe with the one they love and is loved in return.


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