General Hospital News and Spoilers: Details Revealed! Carly Hughes Joins GH As A High Powered Professional

Carly Hughes joins GH Deception

Carly Hughes joins GH! …A new face shows up in Port Charles for a very important job.

Amidst all the mob drama on Port Charles, others involved themselves in the latest business scandals around the city. According to General Hospital recaps, a stunned Brooklyn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) announced that Deception was being sued. Apparently, the lawsuit claims that the cosmetics company stole the Deceptor concept.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Port Charles gets a fresh face while Pine Valley Attorney Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey) gets some stiff competition. According to GH news spoilers, actress Carly Hughes joins GH as Lucy Coe’s Attorney in the case against Deception. It seems that Montgomery will represent the plaintiff. Expect to see both Hughes and Willey beginning the week of August 28th.