General Hospital News and Spoilers: Eva LaRue Reveals Details On Natalia Rogers Ramirez

 Eva LaRue debuts as Natalia Ramirez
GH: Eva LaRue debuts as Natalia Ramirez

Allison Rogers is living her life in a similar fashion to Hannah Montana. She’s Allison by day and a rising pop star named Blaze by night. Her double life has worked for her thus far, but as she dives into an adult relationship parts of her become more difficult to hide from the world.

Previously, General Hospital comings and goings reports confirmed that a new face comes to Port Charles this Winter. Although her face is unfamiliar to PC residents, GH fans might recognize the new addition from ABC’s All My Children. According to General Hospital news reports, Eva LaRue joined the cast of GH in a new role. on February 26th Natalia joins her daughter Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) in Port Charles.

Reportedly, Eva LaRule revealed how she came to fill the role of Natalia Rogers Ramirez. In an exclusive interview with Soap Opera Digest, LaRue explained the process that lead to landing on General Hospital. Additionally, the interview brought about insight into GH’s new character.

According to General Hospital news and spoilers, GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini basically handpicked LaRue to play Natalia. She explains in an interview that she received a call regarding to role in December. Reportedly, Eva told Soap Opera Dogest that friend and colleague Mark Teschner reached out. Additionally, LaRue confessed that GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini asked Mark Techner to reach out to Eva specifically . She was told that Valentini confessed, “I don’t want to see a bunch of people. I want Eva LaRue to do it. Will you see if she’ll come do it?” LaRue revealed.

GH news and spoilers confirm that Eva agreed to take on the role that seemed to have been made for her! Blaze is in for a surprise when her pops into Port Charles!