General Hospital News and Spoilers: Fans Weigh In When Cynthia Watros Singles Out SoNa Fan- Watros Shows SoNa Support

Cynthia Watros supports SoNa

Cynthia Watros supports SoNa fanbase in recent social media post.
Over the years, many iconic GH actors establish a large following with their fans. For instance, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) began playing Sonny back in 1993. Now three decades later, and he has a huge fan base. Correspondingly, every woman on Sonny’s arm better measure up in the fan’s eyes. In addition, every leading lady he associates with is picked apart from head to toe. Of course, some fan bases are larger and stronger than others, and many fans of particular couples engage in all-out, online-brawls.

GH recaps recall the iconic rivalry between Jason and Sam (aka JaSam) fans, and Liz and Jason (aka Liason) fans. Similar to JaSam and Liason, CarSon and SoNa fans share a counterpart as well. Among these iconic pairings, Jason is the common denominator for Jason and Sam and Jason and Liz rivals. And in this current fan rivalry, Sonny is the common denominator among the Sonny and Nina, and Carly and Sonny fans.

According to recent General Hospital news, Maurice Benard’s on-screen counterpart, Cynthia Watros shared a special message on social media. As mentioned above, fan bases, especially those of couples, don’t shy away from speaking their minds. Whether GH fans ship a couple or are bored to tears, social media helps fans get their opinions out in the open. Sadly, many times kindness isn’t displayed.

According to GH news. recent tweets reveal that Cynthia shows support for SoNa fans. In fact, she calls out one fan in particular, and makes it clear that she supports and loves her fans!

Cynthia Watros Singles Out SoNa Fan

She recently reached out to single out one fan in particular who is a huge Sonny and Nina fan. Her tweet features an image of a shirt with the caption, “Sonaritas and Richard We love even when it’s not easy.” Then, that’s when someone asked who Richard is. Well, @Richard75432 is a HUGE Sonny and Nina fan, and this tweet gives him recognition from none other than Sonny’s latest arm candy, Nina Reeves.