General Hospital News and Spoilers: Jagger Cates Returns To General Hospital

Jagger Cates returns to General Hospital
Adam Harrington- Jagger Cates returns to General Hospital

The 1990s feel like the golden ages of General Hospital. It’s when I started watching the iconic soap opera, and I remember “The Island” storyline like it happen a few years ago. Along with Sonny, Brenda, Jason, Robin, and Karen, Jagger Cates sticks out in my mind the most.

In fact, my mom, sister, and myself went down to Detroit for a “Jagger” fan event. That’s when we met Antonio Sabato Jr. At the time, my sister had a major crush on him. I was a little too young for all of that at the back then, but I basically watched with my mom because I thought it was cool.

Jagger Cates Returns to General Hospital

Apparently Antonio Sabato Jr. was a very memorable character, which is why GH fans express their confusion regarding the recast. General Hospital news reports confirm that Jagger Cates has been recast. Sabato Jr. originated the role in 1992. He stayed until 1995. Then, Antonio reprised the role on GH’s spinoff, Night Shift.

Fast forward and today GH fans got a huge surprise. General Hospital comings and goings reports confirm that Jagger Cates has returned to GH. However, part of the shock factor is due to the fact that the role has been recast. Reportedly, Adam Harrington plays Jagger Cates as he popped up today in Port Charles.

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