General Hospital News and Spoilers: William Lipton Returns to General Hospital- Cam Is Back!

GH Spoilers: William Lipton returns as Cameron Webber
William Lipton returns as Cameron Webber

Without a doubt the last few days have been filled with GH comings and goings news. Social media platforms fuel the discussion with quick shares and the ease of engaging on multiple fan pages. Additionally, GH fans with various opinions debate about everything win the storyline to the characters, and everything in between.

Reportedly, Nicholas Alexander Chavez is OUT temporarily while co-star Avery Kristen Pohl is OUT indefinitely as Esme Prince. The unexpected GH news has caused controversy among fans. While some were ready for Esme to take a hike, most others are extremely disappointed with the decision to writer her off the show.

February Sweeps has hit GH. However, with those exits comes a special return. According to General Hospital news and spoilers, William Lipton returns as Cameron Webber. Next week Spencer Cassadine’s family says goodbye as he’s presumed dead. GH spoilers reveal that Cam stops into Port Charles to say goodbye to his friend.

The latest GH news reports reveal that Cam has been away at college while William Lipton has been busy with his band, The Runarounds. Thankfully, the Soap left the door open for Elizabeth Webber’s son to someday return again. But for now Cameron is only here for a short time.