General Hospital News and Spoilers: Kim Delaney Faces Criminal Charges

Kim Delaney Faces Criminal Charges
Kim Delaney Faces Criminal Charges

Kim Delaney is widely known for her role as Diane Russell on NYPD Blue. But in 2020, a whole new fan base got to know her. That’s when she joined the General Hospital fast as Jackie Templeton. GH news confirmed that Delaney took over the 1980’s role from actress Demi Moore. GH recaps recall that Jackie Templeton was married to Gregory Finn (Gregory Chase). For years, family drama tore them apart until she returned to Port Charles in 2020. Since then Kim Delaney and Jackie left in 2021.

According to General Hospital news reports, Kim Delaney faces hit and run charges in connection with an incident that happened over a year ago. Reportedly, her erratic driving caused Delaney to hit a motorcycle. That’s when the victim called the police and Delaney made a phone call.

According to the motorcyclist, Dzhamal Badalov, Delaney crashed into his motorcycle while he was stopped at a red light. Allegedly, Delaney was disoriented and tried to flee. Also, made a phone call, and it’s believed that she was told to leave the scene. Moreover, the victim claims that he was asked to take payment instead of calling the police.

GH rumors claim that witnesses say Delaney struggles with alcohol. As a result, the NYPD and General Hospital star faces two lawsuits. Additionally, criminal charges have been brought against her for allegedly leaving the scene prior to police arrival.

We are sorry to hear of this news, and General Hospital Blog wishes everyone involved the very best.