General Hospital News: With New Episodes Stashed Away, GH Could Air New As Early As August 3rd

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal an inside representative at GH contacted Soap Central via email, stating the first new episodes since quarantine will air on August 3rd. An inside source claims there are a few episodes of General Hospital that have no yet been aired, they have been saved during quarantine and are said to being airing on the first Monday of August.

As previously reported, GH cast and crew were supposed to head back to set on July 20th but plans have been delayed. This all seems a little confusing as to how episodes will begin on August 3rd if only a few new ones are stashed away, and the cast and crew have not yet begun taping. General Hospital spoilers indiciate it typically takes only about two weeks before an episode is aired after filming. Therefore, if there are enough saved episodes that can be released August 3rd, it can buy some time while they are beginning to film once again.

The back and forth of this situation is almost as dramatic as watching episodes of General Hospital unfold. Hopefully we are seeing e light at the end of the tunnel and new episodes will be here before we know it.

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